Ways In Choosing a Car Rental

Sometimes the problem is not easy to choose a rental car . It was a little tricky. Moreover, all companies rental cars usually offer almost the same facilities, low prices, discounts and so on. But there are some things that need attention and we often ignore is the problem service or services.

Many of us are ignoring the problem of service. And worse, we often get stuck in the classic reason that price is a little cheap . Because the problems are different rental prices 5 to 25 thousand per day, ultimately what we get is less than satisfactory service. Rental Mobil Cilandak

Hasil gambar untuk Tips menyewa mobil agar murah

I wrote an article about how to choose a car rental is based on personal experience. The story about a time when I book a car at one of the company car rental Surabaya . Initially when I call, the marketing they say “the price of their cheapest rental car” (emang bener heck). Deal price and finally I transfer. The problem arises when I picked up at Juanda Airport in Surabaya tomorrow. Driver who picked me haired jacket rumpled jeans and bersendal.

In the rush to meet a client, I try to calm down and do not complain. Once inside the car, how shocked with the scent in the car. Stuffy and a little fishy. After some investigation it turns out there is a seat section folds salted egg shells scattered about. I spontaneously asked to pack driver, “Sir, what his car has not been washed? Why is there salted egg shells scattered about.” With a surprised face pack driver swiftly cleaned. Finally I call the rental and complained about everything I experienced. But the explanation I received from the rental car in it was unexpected.

Driver who picked me haired jacket rumpled jeans and . In the rush to meet a client, I try to calm down and do not complain. Once inside the car, how shocked with the scent in the car. Stuffy and a little fishy. After some investigation it turns out there is a seat section folds salted egg shells scattered about. I spontaneously asked to pack driver, “Sir, what his car has not been washed?

Why is there salted egg shells scattered about.” With a surprised face pack driver swiftly cleaned. Finally I call the rental and complained about everything I experienced. But the explanation I received from the rental car in it was unexpected.

I spontaneously asked to pack driver, “Sir, what his car has not been washed? Why is there salted egg shells scattered about.” With a surprised face pack driver swiftly cleaned. Finally I call the rental and complained about everything I experienced. But the explanation I received from the rental car in it was unexpected.

“Please understand, sir, khan car rental rates are already very cheap compared to other car rental! So please understandable if there was a little less than satisfactory” Dienk, mouth seemed locked. I do not understand and so lazy to resume talks with the owner of the car rental.

Try to imagine, what it means to get a cheap car rental price but the service chaotic ?

Learning from this experience, I finally took the initiative to give some tips on renting a car . The following tips:

3 Ways when renting a car and correctly

Choose a Reliable Car Rental

Using the services of rental car provider that you trust and credibility, especially service 24-hour service. This is necessary because it can provide a quick solution if something happens to the vehicle at lease. Then know exactly what facilities are provided as a professional driver (be careful, sometimes they hire minibus driver to become a freelance driver), to the availability of auto insurance required.

Checks Be Used Cars

Choose a vehicle that has historical data periodic maintenance so that you really know the condition of the car. To find the data you can ask the manager of the car rental . Make sure to choose a vehicle from the output in the latest addition to the comfort that you will also usually not too damaged condition of the engine.

Determine the Appropriate Car Needs

One more thing, keep adjusting to locate the funds that you have. Do not trigger appetite to choose a car that does not supply all your needs. For example, choose a city car than the car type bus when the number of passengers you are carrying a lot. Certainly not a wise choice is not it?


you know Pasir Acne? Acne is often referred to as sand or small acne is acne with very small size in large quantities. Acne can grow on the forehead, cheeks, or on the back. Its small size and many certainly very disturbing appearance and your confidence.

The most common cause of small acne is caused by hormonal factors. But also did not rule out other factors such as the cause of an unhealthy lifestyle. If indeed the acne sand is indeed interfere with your daily , this is how effective and appropriate.

how to get rid of acne sand

The natural way to remove acne sand in the face

1). Green tea

Actually, green tea is one type of tea made from the leaves of Camellia Sinensis tea is picked and undergo a drying process to prevent oxidation. Green tea contains a higher antioxidant vitamins E and C so it is beneficial to give your skin health, especially in counteracting free radicals which also trigger acne sand.

According to The University of Maryland Medical Center was quoted as saying Live Strong, catechin compounds in green tea is also effective as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. This material is needed to reduce the inflammation of acne, and automatically minimize scars caused by acne inflammation of existing small.

In addition, green tea also contains potent antibacterial agents against bacteria and germs that cause acne . The content of antibacterial ynag present in green tea helps kill microorganisms that cause acne sand.

According to The University of Maryland Medical Center was quoted as saying Live Strong, catechin compounds in green tea is also effective as an anti-inflammatory ingredient. This material is needed to reduce the inflammation of acne, and automatically minimize scars caused by acne inflammation of existing small.

In addition, green tea also contains potent antibacterial agents against bacteria and germs that cause acne . The content of antibacterial present in green tea helps kill microorganisms that cause acne sand.

Use the dregs of green tea or green tea that you have crushed first.
Put a circle on the face or on the body of acne there is sand or small pimples are.
Set aside some time to dry.
Wash with soapy water and clean water.
Perform routine 2-3 times a week.

2). Warm water

Warm water would be easy to make your own when you are at home. Warm water here is used to reduce inflammation in acne. Warm water will help remove stains and bacteria remaining range yaang cause acne. By using warm water to wash his face, the skin pores will open and widen. This will make it easier to clean up any remnants of dirt still clinging to small acne can be resolved as long as you regularly use.

Here’s how:

Washing your face with warm water
Or it could also face close to a basin of warm water, then cover the head, so that the steam coming out just concentrated on the face only. Afterwards, do not forget to wash your face with cold water to close the pores.

3). Tomato

Tomatoes are indeed proven effective in overcoming all existing types of acne. Tomato fruit contains vitamin C and E are very good for health. The content is what helps to overcome acne sand there. The use of tomatoes on the skin can beautify your face, the skin will be smooth and soft without acne.

Here’s how:

Rub the tomatoes directly in the face

You simply take the tomatoes, cut into two parts, then apply to the area with acne. Use your fingers to gently massage so that the liquid is absorbed into the skin. Do massage for a few seconds. Let stand for 10 minutes, then rinse with warm water. Do it regularly and you will immediately feel the difference.


No need to buy in the supermarket, you make yourself at home. Make a mask material by crushing the tomato until smooth bowl. Use the inside or the content of tomatoes that have been soft as a face mask. Apply tomato that has been mashed in the area with acne sand and then let stand about 30 minutes. Use this mask regularly 3-4 times a week and see the wonders that appears.

4). Aloe vera

One popular natural treatments to eliminate acne sand is aloe vera. Anthraquinone compounds contained in aloe vera can contribute to ward off bacteria in the body including the eradication of batteries contained in acne. In addition, this plant also contains magnesium lactate which can be overcome by acne gatl sand and stimulate new cell growth so that will recover quickly.

Here’s how:

Choose aloe vera young then cut.
Peeled and grab the meat or aloe vera gel is white.
Meat or white gel that you have set aside, apply on the acne covered with sand.
Let stand for 10-15 minutes.
Rinse with clean water and all additional cleansing.
Perform routine.

5). Rose water and salt

The content of antioxidants present in rose water is able to minimize the pores of the skin. Rose water contains antiseptic of the problem bacteria which is a major cause of acne is small, so that the pores are clogged initially be clean again. Additionally, rose water can reduce excess oil on the face. Here’s how:

Combine a mixture of salt and rose water.
Add one tablespoon of salt in a container and add one tablespoon of rose water.
Mashed salt with rose water until smooth and do massage in a circle on areh acne. Grain of salt can be simultaneously scrub with water mawah as skin lightening. This combination can blackheads disappear one by one.
Do this in one week.

Buying Tips Baju Muslim Children in Wholesale Clothing

Tips on buying a child in Muslim clothing wholesale Muslim fashion could be an important thing and you need, grosir jubah anak laki because with the development of the fashion world Muslim fashion this time it has also penetrated into the world of children.

Muslim fashion so fashion trend not only be enjoyed by adults only, but this time the children also have started to enjoy it. This is evidenced by the increasing number of Muslim clothing manufacturer specializing itself as a manufacturer of children’s clothes Muslims.

Hasil gambar untuk cara membeli baju muslim yang sesuai dengan anak

Wholesale Children’s Clothing

For that order you can buy Muslim clothes children with low price but not with the quality of the cheap, you can get them at wholesale Muslim clothing that has been reliable. Wholesaler of this kind can easily be found. However, there are some tips that you can do when buying wholesale clothing Muslim children in Muslim fashion.

Tips on Buying Wholesale Clothing for Kids

Try at the time of purchase Muslim clothes for your child in the wholesale Islamic fashion , you ask your child, because your taste is not necessarily equal to the tastes of children, in addition to invite your child to participate in selecting a Muslim clothes, then you will be able to ascertain the size clothing Muslims will be used by your child is right.

Children are more engaged compared to adults, therefore when choosing clothes for the Muslim children in Muslim clothing wholesaler you try to be more careful in choosing the materials of Muslim clothing that will be worn by your child. With so many movements by children, making them tend to be easier to grip, to iu choose Muslim dress made of comfortable material and can easily absorb sweat.

So that you can get at a more oblique but has a good quality when shopping at wholesale Muslim fashion , you should choose a wholesaler that provides real price, and also specifically provide Muslim clothing for children, to be able to get a cheaper price again you also looking for a wholesaler who is giving a rebate program.

Currently wholesale muslim clothing for children that’s indeed a lot to find, especially in large cities and not infrequently the airport purchase wholesale through online means. If you buy Muslim clothes on line store, maybe that could be a limitation is you can not measure these clothes in advance to fit your child’s body, but this can be overcome by finding a size that is approximately ccocok the age of your child, and usually wholesale online has given the size of which has been adjusted by age, so it could be easier for you to find the size that fits your child.

Quick way Contact Sync Android with Gmail Account

There are some things that we worry about when doing a Factory Reset, Firmware Update or Rooting for contact in HP Android could have been lost and it is not you want is not it?

Gmail account is very important because it serves to access PlayStore and it could be to store other data such as contacts, game data, calendar, Poto and Google services other, www.daftaremail.com

Merge with Google Account

for that you need to synchronize your contacts with your Gmail account so that all the data that you have will remain secure, how?

Before synchronizing you first check whether the contact you’re connected to your Gmail account, such as the following:
First, please you come into contact
then Tap the Menu button or Settings

Then please select the article “Merge With Google” will appear later confirmed please enter the confirmation request.
Special features 2 gmail account please choose one only as the primary account and if the option “Merge with Google” does not appear please you straight into the tutorial.

If successful will appear a new window containing notification
Merge with Google Account
how does already?

Relaxed just do not have the rush I’m still here will not leave you in the confusion that is you hadapai.

How Contacts Sync Android with Gmail account

nah, do not linger please you read carefully below

# 1 : the first and this is very important you must be sure that you have installed the Gmail in the first

# 2: then please you go to Settings / Settings and select “Accounts & Sync (Accounts & sync)” after that select turn on the service “Accounts & Sync ”
Accounts & Sync

# 3: The next select Gmail account will you make the main Default will be in sync and on “Data and Synchronization” please check the “Sync Contacts” , for more details please see the picture below
contact synchronization

# 4: Finally please Tap “Sync Now”

to here Contact You successfully synchronized with Gmail. However, it would be better if you with checks, how?

a). First, please E-mail you open Gmail using a PC or laptop and on the left side just below the Google logo please click on “Google” is red.

b). then please select “Contacts” and if you have synchronized android well then you will see all existing contacts on your android HP.

Gmail contacts

so, how does the above guidelines is not it?

How to turn off the iPhone Camera Sound Japan Without JailBreak

Take a picture with the iPhone is great, considering the iPhone is known to have a quality camera steady, so photographing or selfie with the iPhone can be a great hobby.

Photographed now it has become a trend, take pictures anytime and anywhere including in public spaces are now not be a limitation, it is none other than aiming to capture important moments with family, friends or couples.

How to turn off the iPhone Camera Sound Japan Without JailBreak

But photographing accompanied by the sound of the camera might make us feel a little uncomfortable, especially if it is done in public maybe it was a little less polite.

How to turn off the iPhone Camera Sound Japan Without JailBreak

Now for it to be more fit and courteous certainly mutes the camera is what you need to do, do not have complicated for how to turn off the sound of the iPhone camera you just need mengakiktifkan silent mode and the sound of the camera will no longer appear.

But in this way will not work for the iPhone made in Japan, is the iPhone made in Japan is a little different, maybe because of the policy of the local government which require that the camera can not be silent makes the iPhone made in Jepan little different.

So if you have an iPhone Japan and want to mute the camera on the iPhone you can try to follow the tricks that I will convey under later.

There are many ways that you can do to turn the iPhone camera sound, could it using third-party applications, or also with basic tricks that are already in the iPhone. Well just here’s how.

How to Turn off Sound Camera iPhone-App Music
The first way that we take advantage of native iPhone music app, if silent mode toggle button on the iPhone does not work for the camera then you can try the following manner.
Open the default music app iPhone
Then turn the song

Then lower the volume iPone until no sound emerged.
Do not close the application of music and let the music still distorted.
Open the camera app, and try to take a photo, then the sound of the camera will no longer appear.

How to turn off the iPhone Camera Sound With 3rd Party Applications
For the second way to mute the camera we can use a third party application called Secret Camera – Taking Photos Secretly, you can buy it in the App Store at a price of Rp 29,000.

Price : Rp 29.000 Download S Camera!

By using this camera application you can turn off the sound of the camera, access mute you can only get when using this camera only, and will not affect the default application also includes a silent mode.

Deadly Sounds iPhone Camera With Notification Center
In this way we will utilize the notification center to trick the system in order to take photos without sound.

The first way to open the default camera app on your iPhone, atus position and adjust the focus until it is ready to take a photo.
Swipe down to display a notification center, and then try to take a photo with the volume button, then the sound of the camera in the iPhone will no longer exist.

How to turn off the iPhone’s voice samera Through Assistive Touch
Well the latter is through assistive touch, the way you just need to create a virtual button in the assistive touch, here’s how.

If you have not enabled you can enable assistive touch in advance by going to the Settings menu> General (General)> Accessibility> Assistive Touch> Swipe Toggle Button to mengaktivkannya.

If you are active still in the same window “Assistive Touch” select “Custom Top Lavel Favorite Menu”, then add menu by tapping the + icon located in the lower right corner of the screen.
Once a new menu appears and then add the action by tapping on the + icon in the menu> then select “Mute”.

To use it, open the camera app on your iPhone, then activate mute mode via a menu favorite assistive touch before we have to make.
Try to take a photo, then the camera shutter sound is no longer heard.
Well that’s the trick how to turn off the sound of the camera iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch without jailbreak , hopefully clear and useful. If you have questions or refutation you please write in the comment column.

Enjoy the Comfort of a Baby Sling

What is the Arrangement with the Other Infant Transporters?

It is in the outline, really. In the event that you have seen, a child sling is simply made out of one bit of texture. It is molded to keep running more than one of your shoulders, over your body, and after that towards your hips, where it can be secured. All the while, you can make a pocket where you put your child inside.

Then again, other child transporters have straps or clasps. The straps will generally keep running from the shoulders into the pockets.

Presently, these straps and clasps can be uncomfortable after some time. On the off chance that your child gets heavier, there’s a decent shot that these clasps and straps will delve into your side or your infants legs.

Let us additionally not overlook that straps and clasps can be difficult to oversee. For one, they must be continually balanced by weight of the infant and even to your inclination. It will require some investment before you can join the child transporter to your body and more opportunity to evacuate it.

 Baby Sling

In spite of the fact that you won’t convey a stroller, which is exceptionally massive and such a weight to acquire the primary spot, other metal edge infant transporters are a remarkable same too in light of the numerous connections.

The Incomparable Things about Child Slings

sabuk bonceng anak apro Child slings have been intended to be extremely basic or essential. It is even reminiscent of the basic bits of fabric utilized by moms long prior. They would ordinarily pick a long material, which they would design into a holder, and place the infant inside. They could likewise position the material on the hips, back, or front.

The present infant slings are smooth and flexible. When you are prepared to utilize them, you can just rapidly and effortlessly put them on anyplace in the blink of an eye by any stretch of the imagination.

You will likewise feel significantly more agreeable in light of the fact that the texture itself is extremely smooth onto the skin with no clasps or straps to dive in. Besides, since it is very thin, you can feel the infant against your body.

This then brings into the idea of parental connection, where physical association between the infant and the parent will upgrade the passionate and social parts of the tyke. Additionally, in light of the fact that you can in a flash observe your child, it is simpler for you to focus on what he or she presently needs.

It likewise does not require you a long investment to put the child in the bearer, as there are no straps or clasps to deal with. Your youngster will likewise not be troubled by them. Babies who are conveyed by infant slings are known to cry less frequently than the individuals who are definitely not.

You can likewise effectively modify some infant slings, for example, ring slings or flexible pockets as indicated by your size. On the off chance that you pick your sling astutely, there is a decent shot that you can utilize a similar thing until your child gets to be portable.

Traveling with Your Baby

mothers and fathers will discover a wide range of infant transporters to fit a wide range of circumstances, whether they are going by foot, bike, or auto, alongside bearer frill, for example, stroller and auto situate covers. The American makers recorded in this article are constantly satisfied to offer help and any answer any inquiries you may have on the most ideal approach to convey your infant and the most secure approach to utilize their items.

Beauty Natural Infant Bearer

Beauty Natural Infant Bearer makes infant transporters.

Engaging Truth: The creator of the Debutante Child Transporter is a devoted outdoorsman who has two degrees in designing. The transporter was intended to permit guardians to climb with their children. As the organization takes a solid position on ecological issues, the material utilized as a part of the Looker Child Transporter is natural. The organization utilizes a system of home sewers to make its items.

The Beauty Natural Child Transporter might be bought at retailers over the Assembled States, or you may arrange specifically from the organization through its Site.

baby carrier


Britax_ USA makes a wide choice of auto seats, all of which incorporate side effect insurance. Britax produces newborn child seats, convertible seats, and mix bridle sponsor seats. A couple of items might be foreign made.

Engaging Certainty: However part of a global organization, Britax_ may make the main auto situate sold in America that is really fabricated in America. Britax has been in Charlotte, North Carolina, since 1996. Britax collects the vast majority of its auto situates in its Charlotte processing plant, with around 90 percent of the segments originating from merchants inside a 250-mile span of Charlotte. The Britax auto seats are noted for what the organization calls Genuine Side Effect Protection_, which is an exclusive outline innovation that exchanges the vitality from a side effect crash far from the kid in the auto situate.

Britax USA has a definite store locator on its Site. In the event that you don’t have a PC or can’t discover a retail store adjacent, please call Britax client benefit for help.

CORNPATCH Manifestations

Cornpatch Manifestations handcrafts auto situate covers out of 100 percent cotton wool. There is a huge choice of textures. The organization likewise makes kids’ garments to arrange. Restricted generation.

Engaging Truth: Angela, the organizer of Cornpatch Manifestations, was educated to sew by her mom when she was 12. She has been working with texture and examples since that time. One day, while Angela was viewing a mother convey a child in an auto seat, the twist kicked up and blew the infant’s cover into the mud. Angela realized that there must be a superior approach to make an auto situate cover; following a while of testing, she had built up the Comfortable Carseat Cover.

Angela states: ”I get a kick out of the chance to get messages and hear what individuals need. I like individuals to realize that I’m simply one more mother on the opposite side of the PC.” Please email Angela with inquiries.


Dittany Infant is a maker of sabuk bonceng anak infant slings that are accessible in natural and nonorganic textures. The organization additionally makes infant dress, for example, slide pants, leg warmers, and infant bottle wraps.

Engaging Reality: Shannon Krieger, the president of Dittany Child, has made a promise to helping other people. Notwithstanding slings and garments, the organization makes an exceptional jug wrap intended to help babies with uncommon needs who experience issues getting a handle on items. The organization bolsters cerebral paralysis research and treatment. Dittany Infant is presenting a Legend’s Slip Gasp Gathering, with continues supporting the Injured Warrior Extend, a philanthropy that helps veterans in beating physical and enthusiastic wounds.

The organization has wide conveyance through online retailers and is in some retail outlets. In the event that you require help, please call the client benefit number.

What Are The Juicing Health Benefits?

On the off chance that you are hoping to change your way of life by joining a sound eating regimen, you might need to consider squeezing. The squeezing medical advantages are much more prominent than eating strong vegetables and organic products.

Medicinal services experts prescribe that we get 6-8 servings of products of the soil day by day; in any case, not very many of us get that sum. Squeezing is a productive approach to ensure that you achieve your day by day sums.

The Juicing Health Benefits
Here is a brief review of the squeezing medical advantages:

Squeezing helps our bodies to assimilate all the sustenance from vegetables on the grounds that the absorption procedure that is required when you eat entire nourishments is circumvent.

Squeezing is a basic route for you to get the solid proteins that is found in crude sustenances. These solid catalysts have a noteworthy part in changing sustenance into vitality. This vitality can build your digestion system and can bring about weight reduction.

A hefty portion of us have been devouring over prepared sustenances for a long time. Our bodies were not intended to process prepared sustenances and thus a large portion of us are over weight. Heftiness has numerous wellbeing results and is an immediate connection to numerous sicknesses, maladies, and ailments.

A bigger number of times than not, when a man gets thinner and keeps up a solid weight for their body sort, their manifestations and afflictions enhance, and they can fall off of medicines drugs. Does this spare cash, as well as diminishes the individual of the hurtful reactions that accompanies take physician endorsed medications.

The most intriguing of all squeezing medical advantages is the counter maturing benefits, and the likelihood of diminishing indications of misery. The cancer prevention agents found in juices battles the hurtful impacts that free radicals have on our skin and muscles. Squeezing lessens wrinkles and makes them less detectable. Squeezing additionally helps with keeping our muscles conditioned.

Squeezing is likewise generally cheap and advantageous when you create your own juices. There are additionally no destructive symptoms with squeezing, you can drink as much squeeze as you might want.

On the off chance that you are new to squeezing, you should buy a juice extractor. A mid evaluated juice extractor will work fine. You will need to search for one that is anything but difficult to assemble and clean, and that has different velocities that will work with an assortment of products of the soil.

As should be obvious, the squeezing medical advantages are beyond any reasonable amount to neglect. By remaining sound you lessen your dangers for some age related sicknesses and ailments. The juices are heavenly and you may find that you will need to substitute soda pops for a sound juice.


Types and how to use the toilet differ depending on the country, and of the few there are puzzling how to use it. Even so, if we ask someone, there must be a sense of shame. Some say the toilet face is the face of the nation. No wonder if in Japan, a country known for its technology, it provides a toilet that is not only clean but also sophisticated.


For you who’ve been to Japan will sedot wc bekasi certainly experiencing “stuttering” momentarily when wearing toilets in public places. Sophistication toilet in Japan this is often confusing for tourists. So do not worry just you yourself feel “rustic” when trying to use the toilet there ya.

In Japan, the toilet in the station, parks, malls, restaurants and other public places. Therefore, if you’re in Japan, you do not have to worry about not finding a toilet yes. You just need to find a sign like this (photo below), or asking questions like this: toire wa doko desuka (toilet where are you?) ”


You also do not need to really prepare a dime if you want to use the public toilets there. Almost all the toilets in Japan can be used without paying anyway.

There are two types of toilets commonly found in Japan, squat toilets and toilet seats. But the toilet seat looks more dominating and equipped with sophisticated technology. This sophisticated public toilet might not be able to be found in your native country or in other countries.


The toilet seat in Japan are equipped with a variety of buttons that have different functions. Imagine, if you go to the toilet in Indonesia, maybe you’ll just find a button to flush (flush) toilet. But the toilet in Japan, each has a standard toilet bidet button, shower, stop, water pressure. Even the toilet more sophisticated there are more like buttons warm seat, flushing / sound and more.


Although the artifacts lot of buttons, you need not worry to use them anyway. Because these days, most of the keys are equipped with instructions in English. Although sometimes the English language instruction is still a bit confusing, you can still use it properly anyway. Wear a little imagination, you can certainly easily understand the function of each button. For more convenience, the following function of each button.

Bidet , marked with the symbol of the woman in pink. This button specifically for women. Its function is to remove the water and rinse femininity after urination.

Shower , marked with a green or blue colored water. Its function is to remove the water and rinse the back after a bowel movement.

Stop , marked with the symbol box to orange or red. Its function is to stop the flow of water.

Water pressure , marked with the symbol + and -. Serves to enlarge (+) or decrease (-) the flow of water released from the button and spray bidet.

Warm seat , consisting of on / off. Its function is to warm the toilet seat. You will surely linger sitting in this closet, especially during the winter.

Flushing / sound , usually marked with a musical note or speakers. Its function is to give voice camouflage rinse water running. This button is used so that the sound arising from defecation or urination sounded out the toilet. Especially in public toilets which usually consists of cubicles.

Volume , consisting of the symbol (+) and (-). Serves to increase or decrease the sound emitted by flushing button / sound.

Different point of it, the way of life. Japanese toilets often referred to as the toilets were the cleanest in the world. That’s not just because it was cleaned, but also because the Japanese have a habit of ‘do not want to bother other people’, ‘do not pollute the place to be used by others as well’.

HIS Tours & Travel has 273 branches in Japan, which is ready to provide the best service to you. Submit your trip to Japan on HIS!

9 Benefits of Water for Human Life and Around him 2

  1. freshen up

The second function of water is also not far from the body’s health. water will make your body become more fresh and fit. When our bodies are dehydrated, then we will feel is the body becomes weak and tired. That is why the presence of water which will occupy the position of the fluid contained in the body of this will make your body fit again. The water also has a cool and refreshing properties. So we will be able to taste our fresh chart because it has fulfilled its water needs.


Types of water that are best for consumption as drinking water is water. White water (natural white water from the water source (read:the occurrence of springs ) mountains) is a very good water because it is rich in minerals. In addition to drinking water rich in minerals that nourish, water is also true is that water is most refreshing, even with ice water (read: hail ). Although water is rich in minerals is very good for the body, but better if existing content in the water is not only minerals but also other important substances.

Over time, the man can produce beverages that are rich sources of vitamins and minerals, so that it can be used to satisfy the substances needed by humans. However, if consumed regularly and long term, it will be better still water.

  1. Homework help daily

Function of water (read: function rainwater ), which is helping homework everyday. We can not imagine if there was no water in everyday life. Perhaps only a few days of our lives would be very troublesome. Water is very necessary to have a function and also functions a lot. When seen in the life of the house, it will take a sample of about hygiene.

Just imagine no water is there for us, then how are we going to clean the equipment-equipment eat very much? When we desperately need a clean cutlery to use. Hence the presence of water truly is needed, both outdoors and inside the house. That is why we as humans should be able to preserve the water that has been given to us. We could begin by preserving the various water sources (read: water pollution ) that are all around us.

In addition we also can not or are not allowed to throw garbage (read: how to use the litter and waste ) carelessly. This is because littering will make the environment dirty and polluted, which in turn will have an impact on the quality of water that we use. If we use clean water so we too will live a healthy life.

Photography Tips The Printing Paper

Photography Tips The Printing Paper
Here the situation is complex because there are many models on the market, in several sizes: 10 × 15, 13 × 18, 18 × 24, 24 × 30, 30 × 40, 40 × 50. They can be polietinate (are covered by an impermeable layer that facilitates the process of development, to make the most of tones and gloss but require washing times, 10 times higher than other cards) or baryta (no waterproof cover), a fixed gradation (not filters are used to change the contrast adjusts the paper) or multigrade (filters are used to change the contrast), smooth or rough, of various brands (the survivors).

As can be seen from the diagram of the left, is composed of a light bulb (60W or 150W), a mirror and a lens (light condenser) which allow to diffuse the light uniformly on negative positioned immediately below the metal structure that contains objects listed first http://www.akusewa.com/sewa-backdrop-jakarta. Below the negative there is a sort of “bellows” to focus on the rod while vertical, moving the metal structure, we can enlarge or reduce the image. Under the lens focus, there is a red filter: this is used during the calibration phase and prevents that during the placing of the enlarger paper, placed at the bottom, is impressions.

A good magnifying normally must be stable, the vertical movement must be fluid as well as the mechanism of focus. Lighting should be really smooth (you can try it without a negative or a negative totally black to see if there are “losses” of light. Finally, the negative carrier must place the negative without glasses or other protective surfaces (not to increase defects).

Eye also to the objective lens of the enlarger: check that it is quality and with good brightness. Normally, for a picture of small dimensions, is used with a 50mm f / 2.8 or f / 4. If you can not find it with the magnifier, the case is then to buy it separately.

Contrast filters. These filters should always be used with the enlarger, serve to vary, as the name implies, the contrast of the final picture. Normally there is a drawer in which to arrange them, the lens parts.

The timer. You need to control the timing of the enlarger. You can use any type of timer, even that of a clock, the important thing is that it is quick to implement.

Bottles bellows for reagents. The chemical reagents can be reused over and over again, for which should be stored when the dark room is not in operation. Bottles bellows are perfect for this purpose: the bellows is critical to expel the air once you have placed in them with chemicals.

Photography Tips Long Exposure Photo

Photography Tips Long Exposure Photo
It ‘important to close the shutter of the viewfinder, or at least cover the viewfinder in order to ensure an accurate measurement of the light and to prevent light from spreading through the viewfinder during the same shutter speed. Sure, it’s shrewdness that certainly is not very critical, but on a very long time (over 10 minutes) is definitely a difference.

For exposures longer than 60 seconds, you must use the ‘BULB camera mode http://www.akusewa.com/sewa-lighting-jakarta. Switching to this mode opens the shutter for as long as you want by allowing very long exposures. This, however, implies that: You will need a remote control (cable or radio frequency or infrared) so as to be able to lock the shutter to the open position for a specified period of time.

It is very likely that you’ll need a way to count the time (how long we want the shutter to remain open?). In some cases, the count is trivial (for example, if the exposure without the filter is ¼ s, when using a filter ND1024 – 10 stops – becomes 0.25s ~ x 1000 = 250s, 250s / 60 = ~ 4 minutes ) but in others it may be more difficult especially sel the lighting conditions change quickly enough, in which case get yourself an app for your phone such as NDCalc for Android or iOS. Choose the right conditions.

Ideal conditions for the long-exposure photograph you have when the sky is slightly overcast (scattered clouds) as well as a strong wind. If there are no clouds or it no wind, there will be much movement to be added. Other preferred times are sunrise and sunset with the sun low on the horizon: you get a higher contrast especially with the clouds in the sky. Even at low ISO very long exposures can introduce noise in the form of “hot pixels”. Although it is not easy to notice them on the LCD screen, once displayed the picture on a monitor, you may find a number of red pixels, green or blue. An effective way to remove them is to take a picture with the lens of the same duration of the picture that we want to go: hot pixels will be identical in all pictures (like a sensor signature), then there will also be in the picture black in exactly the same positions. In post production it will be easy to subtract the pixels and to undo the effect on the final picture. Another tip is to activate the anti hot pixels function that exists in many of the latest generation SLR cameras: This feature does pretty much the same thing but automatically.

The Old Living Room Cabinets

The Old Living Room Cabinets
No one can deny that this room was in need of a change. Although not is in a state of ruin, its design was distasteful. Despite the large window that communicates with the outside world, this was a dark space, away from the idea of ??the house he had in mind this young family.

The terrace before

The terrace did not need to be renewed, since the floor was in excellent condition, as well as walls. The white bricks have a very modern impact and are more and more people who choose this color to decorate the outdoor space. According to the designers the terrace did not need to change, as they have focused on furniture.We see it in the bedroom, from the small kitchen and on the counter. The dark color contrasts with the warm colors chosen for the floor and ceiling.

After renovation

The new design is contemporary and slavishly follows the guidelines of the Scandinavian style. Gray, turquoise and yellow appear on the sofa in order to lighten the mood. The flooring color brings out the wood, which plays a very important role. To finish, the decorative elements are varied, from the walls painted light gray adding a touch of character that does not darkens the environment.

A beautiful and functional scale

as we have

mentioned at the beginning of this book for ideas, the project focuses on reform of a duplex. Here we see the staircase that leads upstairs where there is the bedroom and terrace. Halfway between the Scandinavian minimalist style, this scale is beautiful and functional. All the space below was used as a storage area.

One double bed balanced

We show the master bedroom renewed. The designers have placed an animated background, in the role of the head of the bed, with a good result. The decor is minimal, but sufficient, so that proves nothing in excess. The wooden floor adds the warm touch and contrast reaches the observer thanks to the dark color of the same.

A well-furnished terrace

As seen in the photograph, the terrace has been designed so that it can be exploited for summer lunches. As the inner room, the table is made of wood and there is no danger of being damaged from the weather. The rest of the furniture follows the line of the remaining decorations, simple and modern. Four plastic chairs, an original floor lamp and a greenhouse, which completes the scene with a natural touch.

Tips to Stay Younger And Appear Beautiful Natural

So you can look younger and naturally beautiful, start taking care of themselves since from now. Never underestimate the beauty care, start from the age of 20 years so that you can always look beautiful and young without any signs of aging.Complete beauty treatment daily with care serum, night cream and eye cream.


But for those of you who are nicki minaj plastic surgery aged 30 years or older, you should start keeping a healthy body, and follow a few tips ageless below.

Tips Younger and Natural Beauty


Use safe Beauty Products
Select beauty products that suit your current age. The content contained in these care products are formulated to prevent the signs of aging such as wrinkles and black spots. This treatment will also keep skin metabolism system to remain stable.

In addition, you also need to implement a healthy lifestyle and the everyday. Many felt that the time was young we could eat anything without restrictions. In fact, the assumption was wrong because of what we consume determines our health in the future. Tips ageless and look beautiful naturally also requires you to limit your intake of fatty foods and excessive sugar.

Undergoing routine exercise
Many people are reluctant to do sports because I was lazy and grounds were so crowded bustle.Though exercise is essential to maintaining the health and beauty of the body in order to stay in shape. How busy your activities, try to spend at least 3 times a week for live sports. The duration of exercise is not too long, just thirty minutes to an hour is very helpful to maintain health and make you look younger.

Clean your face properly
Clean your face is a routine activity undertaken by everyone. But in reality, there are still many people who have not been able to cleanse your face properly. Clean skin can absorb the nutrients optimally. Wash your face thoroughly with attention to the following points.

  • Rinse face with warm water.
  • Use soap facial cleanser that suits your skin type you have.
  • To clean stains on the face makeup, use the soft bristle brush so that the face can clean from residual make-up and dust off.
  • Gentle massage of the bristles can make blood circulation so smoothly.
  • After cleansing, use a clean towel to dry face.
  • Apply fresheners in order to perform a maximum beautiful.

To stay young, Use a natural mask

Tips youthful and appear naturally beautiful can also use masks made from natural ingredients.Some of the natural ingredients that can be used are fruits such as avocados, carrots, tomatoes and more. Face masks are also isa made using egg whites, honey and olive oil. In addition to cleansing, this natural mask can also provide nutrients for the skin. Here are some natural ingredients that are suitable to be used as a mask

how to make a mask of lemon
– Mix lemon juice with egg white
– then apply all over the face

Banana Mask
– grab some bananas
– discard the skin and then put it into a dish or mangkkuk
– then mash with a spoon
– banana apply a mask to the whole face
– Allow 20 to 30 minutes
– and wash using cold water

Egg white mask
– Take 1 egg
– reserving the egg whites only
– then apply around the face
– allow it to dry mask as attract your face
– when to use it, avoid face too many moves

In addition to the above natural mask, Agar can look pretty natural and youthful, you also need to have adequate rest periods. Get plenty of sleep at night is between seven to eight hours. Improve the quality of your sleep by sleeping comfortable.

Those are some tips how ageless natural and healthy, the way the way if done regularly usefulness will be quickly felt. This method is also useful and can be used by both men and women. good luck

31 Benefits of Coconut Water for Health, Beauty and Pregnant Women 4

24. Controlling Diabetes

Coconut water also helps to control diabetes. Coconut water, when consumed regularly has the ability to improve blood circulation in the body. This process will help to dilate blood vessels which can shrink due to the formation of plaque and helps blood flow smoothly so it will reduce diabetes. It also helps to fight atherosclerosis.

25. Cardiovascular Health

Research has shown that people with high blood pressure usually has low potassium levels. Benefits of drinking coconut water regularly is very effective in regulating blood pressure because it contains potassium and lauric acid. Coconut water is also believed to raise HDL (good cholesterol) is very good for preventing heart disease.

26. Reduce High Blood Pressure

Coconut water contains seimpang of electrolytes that can be used as the electrolyte balance in the body. High electrolyte content in the body can lead to high blood pressure.

Green Coconut Water Benefits For Pregnant Women

In addition to the benefits of coconut water in general, there are also benefits of coconut water for pregnant women in particular, the following are:

1. The existence of Electrolytes Natural Ingredients

Calcium, potassium, electrolytes, chloride, magnesium, riboflavin, and also sodium in coconut water can prevent a pregnant mother from dehydration and exhaustion. Pregnant women need more water than others who are in a normal state. Dehydration during pregnancy can lead to health problems including headaches, edema, cramps, and even be able to reduce the lead to preterm labor contractions.

2. Has the natural Diuretics

By consuming coconut water, it can facilitate the disposal of urine, coconut water also acts as a natural diuretic that is sterile and helps cleanse the urinary tract. It is certainly believed to excrete toxins or poisons produced by the body and prevent urinary tract infections are common in pregnant women.

3. Anti partially Disease

Already mentioned above that coconut water is beneficial for maintaining the health of the mother and the fetus from various diseases, this is because compounds lauric acid, a type of acid that can help fight various diseases. Lauric acid is abundant in coconut water similar to that found in breast milk and have similar characteristics as antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral, so it will always maintain the health of mothers and children from harmful viruses such as herpes and HIV, protozoa Giardia lamblia can even avoid bacteria and chlamydia heliokobater.

4. Assist Digestion During Pregnancy

Besides beneficial to counteract various diseases, coconut water is also beneficial to maintain digestive health of pregnant women, during pregnancy, the placenta will produce the kind of hormone called progesterone, which can slow digestion of the stomach so that muscle contraction is slowing. And coconut water is proven to help increase the speed of the process of digestion.

5. Can Increase HDL

Coconut water does not contain less fat and cholesterol, even by study and research scientists, coconut water can increase good cholesterol (HDL) in the body.

How? It’s incredible is not it? It turned out to be healthy is not expensive, of course condition we must diligently seek out, read and do not forget to share this article on to others so that they also know the benefits of coconut water are very remarkable.