Tips Allergy AC

Since childhood I included bengal girl is hard to believe anything. I always need evidence to believe. But when it is convinced by the truth, usually I’ll defend from attacks. Certainly. Likewise, when studying SEFT.

Skeptics, the feeling that arises when heard exposure Teacher of SEFTer. Between trust, oddly hesitant. Because the mixed feelings and bump it, I just shut up for two months after learning theory SEFT. I remain dependent on medication when sick, also potions wind starting when colds.

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Gambar terkait

That afternoon, apparently the Lord led me to inevitably try . I’m allergic to air conditioning. And this time I had to endure a day in a room air – conditioned. My body had chills. And the pit of my heart as well as tingling. With highly doubt I tried tapping. My hands felt heavy to perform movements that technique. But I was not faced with many choices.

Actually I doubt that very much was afraid to no avail. Because if one fails, normally I would not try it again. Even leaving this technique. And I know this technique ‘in theory nice and very reasonable.

With very heavy, I tried tapping. With feelings of uncertainty, one round passed. Suddenly my body back to normal quickly. And I feel warm. I was dazed. Hey, I’m healed. Well, with the permission of God, I hold in air-conditioned room all day! Wow!

Pain is not resistant to cold or air conditioning I had experienced since childhood. And it was excruciating. Since the lectures are often attended training, air-conditioned office. Every time you leave the training, I was always haunted by the fear of the cold. And it lasted a dozen years. I always fall ill after each training or event at the air-conditioned room.

But since that day, I found a new way to overcome problems. Because up to six months after tapping all round it, I no longer experience the cold in the room air conditioner, although it should stay on for hours.

Lunch was also the starting point for applying the techniques SEFT in many cases the people around me. To be sure, right now I’m sort of addicted to tapping. If a day not napping person feels life is not complete. Because, I actually felt better when frequent napping person. Especially if up to nine gamut procedure of, my emotions took so stable.

Car Rental in Bali Ngurah Rai Airport

If we go to Bali for sure we arrive at Ngurah Rai Airport, located in Denpasar, Bali. Ngurah Rai Airport in Denpasar really spoil the visitors who want to travel on the paradise island. This international service provides the stalls filled with various service services.

Such as rental vehicles (rent a car) to visitors. Many choices of vehicles for traveling around the island. Rental mobil madiun foot landed at Ngurah Rai Bali visitors will be invaded by the taxi drivers and motorcycle taxi drivers who offer escort to the destination. Car Rental in Bali Ngurah Rai AirportBut not only that, visitors can also rent a car that can be driven alone or with a driver.

Gambar terkait

Not hard to see this car rental place, simply walk toward the outside of the domestic arrival gate and then turn to the right, will find the counters that provides car rental services. Rental vehicles can also be done online by browsing on the internet. In fact, the driver is ready for pick up at the airport Ngurah Rai.

As well as Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport are on the rental car shuttle at Bali’s Ngurah Rai Airport. The car rental offers a wide range of vehicle brands with a very affordable price. Cars are rented assortment with varied prices which can be rented per 12 hours.

Including a private driver. Rental cars in Bali ordered online will be cheaper than the right to reserve the car rental location up to two times the price in line. A very high price if booked on site because the price is the price purcash reserved only for tourists who visit, but it’s best if we want to hire a car then the message through the Internet is highly recommended.

If you are confused, you can open  one car rental in Bali. After we booked through online then we stay just picked up by a car that had us confused message without us again to search the vehicle.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit To Lower High Blood Pressure

One way to lower high blood pressure naturally is by eating dragon fruit. High blood pressure or hypertension is a condition where a person experiences an increase or an increase in blood pressure above normal limits.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit To Lower High Blood Pressure

In general, high blood pressure can occur because of a lack of maintaining a healthy body like never exercise, causing many flab makes blood vessels narrow, or does not maintain a diet with lots of foods that could potentially bring excess fat.

Benefits of Dragon Fruit To Lower High Blood Pressure

Treatment of high blood pressure should be medically able to do, but the drugs are used, of course contain chemicals which can give side effects that are less good. To overcome and reduce high blood pressure, you can switch to using natural materials such as dragon fruit.

High content of vitamin C, antioxidants, flavonoids and magnesium in the dragon fruit can flex artery in the body. So by eating dragon fruit regularly can reduce high blood pressure and make blood flow smoothly. In addition imbangi also with regular exercise and maintain your diet by eating a healthy diet.

For eating dragon fruit, you can make it a fresh fruit juice. Can also be consumed directly as eating fruit in general. Have you get the benefits of dragon fruit these days?

Complete Bringing Up Baby Tips Aircraft

Bring your baby to fly a plane? For parents who will do it for the first time, bring the baby on a plane can be a distressing experience.

In addition to consulting with your doctor about your child’s readiness, following are tips from travel malang juanda about carrying your baby on a plane, from preparation to book air tickets to tips for your child to a quiet and comfortable on the plane.

Age baby safe on a plane?

Each airline provisions can vary, there is a minimum age of 2 days, there is a minimum age of 14 days. These usually will ask the Medical Certificate from a doctor stating that the baby is healthy enough to fly.

Infants under 2 weeks are at greater risk. In this early age, the durability of the baby is still very weak and therefore vulnerable to contracting diseases such as cough or flu from people around in the cabin space plane later.

So when is the best age for a baby on a plane? Minimum age 3 months of age are considered the safest for the baby on a plane. When it reaches this age, babies have more durability is also strong in the face of changes in air temperature.

How much ticket for a baby?

Generally, infants were classified under the age of 2 years (24 months) at the time of the flight. Most airlines require a baby to sit on an adult’s lap, with restrictions only one adult may carry one baby.

While not having the seat itself, the baby still need a ticket, proof of age such as birth certificates, as well as a passport when flying abroad. Each airline has different provisions concerning infant ticket. For some airlines, ticket free baby.

But there are also airlines that determines the baby rates are a percentage of the adult fare, even baby sit on an adult’s lap. If the baby has its own seating area, similar to the rates charged adult rates.

Suramadu bridge Travel

Surabaya Madura (Suramadu), the name is quite phenomenal when looking at historical trends new bridges in Indonesia, especially for the located area of ​​ocean. This bridge is a milestone in the development of the bridge Indonesia.

Just imagine, the stake was first inaugurated by President Megawati Seokarno daughter in 2003, and when completed in 2009 was inaugurated by the president SBY different. Travel malang surabaya so with the establishment of record for longest bridge forming the longest bridge in Indonesia was first built, the 5-kilomter over this bridge connecting Surabaya and Madura island.

Suramadu bridge Surabaya

The main purpose of this bridge is built to facilitate equitable development of Surabaya and Madura, but there are other positive side when you want to travel cheap in the city of Surabaya.

If you try to travel in Suramadu Bridge, you must be prepared to see the magnificent bridge construction is quite striking high region near the beach Kenjeran .you visit during the day, pulling it is as if you are taken to fly above alaut, in the midst of the sea. If you look in the direction of Surabaya side means you Kenjeran treated to views of the coast, a large statue Jalesveva Jayamahe.

More unique when there is a large ship that was sailing past the bottom of the sea. Sure would be a sight considering that wow! You feel above the ship, but to see it from the bridge that arguably phenomenal.

Even if you are sightseeing dijembatan longest night, certainly no less interesting is the light colors that are installed on the gallows-pillar bridge. It would be memorable romantic, if you come up with your sweetheart. Suppose you bring a good quality camera, certainly very fond, if not snapping the camera, in this stylish ambiance.

The tours are reasonably priced, but enough to give the impression that well, especially when you first visit the region. Sure would be stories and special memories.

There are other ways to enjoy, exotic longest bridge, by renting or boarding a boat. Then pass under the dome of the longest bridge. This method will also be quite cool and interesting, when the average person to enjoy the beauty of the bridge to cross over the bridge, but you are using boats and view from under the bridge. Cool and interesting is not it?

Peas: Delicious and Healthy

Peas is one component of legumes, which are often found in various cuisine such as fried rice, a variety of soups, stir-fries, fuyunghai and some snack brand. Peas is delicious, do not be surprised if a lot of the fan. Another called pea beans have a green color with a larger grain size than the green beans . He is a close relative peas.

In fact, many people believe the peas and pea refers to the same kind of nuts. Indeed, physically, it’s rather difficult to distinguish the two types of this bean. Many do not know that peas actually can not be consumed with pods. Section taken are seeds. Meanwhile pea quite the opposite. He konsumsi together peanut pods and beans are harvested when still young.

Nutritional content Peas

Peas are actually coming from the Netherlands. The word “pea” itself comes from the word “erwtjes” which is the Dutch word. Peas allegedly entered into Indonesia when the Dutch colonized the country. Currently, peas are widely available in Indonesia. Even in some areas, peas became one of the commodities that seriously cultivated. Peas this much-loved because taste is delicious.

He was also known to nourish. Peas are known to be rich in vegetable protein. By eating peas, you can meet your daily protein requirements. In addition to protein, peas also contain lots of amino acids. The combination of protein and amino acids to make the performance as peas or peas much better.

In addition to protein, peas are also known to contain a number of other important compounds, among others:
Folic acid. In 100 grams of peas contained 65 mcg or about 16% of folic acid. He is a very important enzyme in the synthesis of new cells in the body. Folic acid is known to be essential consumed by pregnant women because folate is one component that is capable of preventing defects in the fetus.

Thiamin. In 100 grams of peas, contained 0.2 mg of thiamin. This substance is very important in the process of metabolism to produce energy and also supplies atifitas nerves and also ototo.

Per 100 grams of vitamin K. There are 5 mcg of vitamin K. It is needed in the formation of blood, as well as in the formation and repair of bone formation.
Pantothenic acid. In 100 grams, there are about 0.6 mg. He was needed in the process of breakdown of glucose also fatty acids.

Niacin. This substance is needed role in neutralizing the toxins in the body. He is also required in the process of fat synthesis and is able to stimulate the appetite. He was also able to help the digestive system in the body and also repair skin tissue nerves.

Riboflavin. This substance is needed to improve the skin, nourish the eyes and is able to stimulate the production of energy.
Phosphor. In 100 grams of peas contained 99 mg phosphorus. This substance is known to play an important role in the metabolism of the body of both the metabolism of carbohydrates, fats also protein.

Potassium. A total of 10% per 100 grams of peas. This compound is very important to support the path of nerve function correctly.
Other compounds which in peas are magnesium, manganese, copper, iron, fiber is also zinc.

Observing compound found in beans, it seems natural if we intensify legume consumption on this one. Nothing wrong you put it in your daily consumption menu list. Moreover, it is processed peas. Make sure you buy the peas were perfectly manicured surface of his skin! Because if there is a defect, it means that the peas have decreased the nutrients.


5 Things to consider when choosing children’s clothes :

  1. material

Choose clothes that are comfortable to wear material for children. For hot weather, a shirt with a material that is rafikids baju anak branded easy to absorb perspiration like cotton, could be a good choice. Moreover, the child whose name is on the move, choose a dress with a material that does not heat, not rude and not make a skin irritation. Instead of the rainy season, the weather was cold, select clothes with materials that can give a sense of warmth to the child’s body like wool.

2. Needs

Kids clothes can also be adjusted as needed programs. If the clothes are used to at home or on the road trip to the mall, a large selection of clothes that simple as the shirt is very suitable for the activity of the child. Else if buying clothes for the needs of the party, of which have more formal clothes, like a dress for girls, shirts and slacks for boys. But of course remains to be seen again first points. Dress for girls look for that material does not itch and comfortable using that. Rather than later to buy the dress with an expensive price, eh even fussy children do not want to wear the dress of her as hot and itchy.

3. Model and motives

Model clothes also adjust to the tastes and desires of the child. Maybe the child is more like the floral motif rather than a balloon. Do not also impose bought clothes with a picture of hello kitty while we know the child’s favorite is Barbie. loss even if the child does not want to wear a dress. The model should also be adjusted to suit the age of the child. Parents still drive if the choice of the child is not in accordance with the age of the child.



8 Tips for Choosing a New Born Baby Clothes

Birth became a moment awaited by a mother who is pregnant with gestational age old and awaited also by his family. Especially if the baby is the first child will be a desire highly anticipated birth, although the mother also feel tense when approaching childbirth. When approaching the labor time it needs a lot of that is set to the time of delivery can run smoothly. Some things have to be prepared like a mother would undergo mental labor, as well as provide nutrition for good food at the end of the trimester baju anak branded murah pregnant women. In addition to these preparations, the mother is also in preparation for the baby such as toiletries, bedding, hygiene kits and baby clothes.

Baby clothes is a necessity that needs to be prepared before the baby is born. There are many kinds of baby clothes from start to type, model, color, and material. In choosing baby clothes are not only the criteria of good or expensive, because the newborn skin is still very sensitive and has continued to develop and growth and therefore to buy baby clothes need some tips. Here are some tips on choosing clothes newborn namely:

1. Buying baby clothes with a slightly larger size

Babies have a rapid growth so that if you are going to buy clothes for the baby then buy a dress with a size larger than the size of the baby’s body. If you buy baby clothes with the right size so fast tight clothes because the baby was in the first few months of very rapid growth. In addition to anticipating then buy a dress size with different sizes while still in the womb because we do not know how big the baby. So by buying a variety of sizes, it can anticipate the right size. (Also Read: Developments Organs Baby after Birth)

2. Choose fabrics that can absorb sweat

Newborn skin is still very sensitive to a variety of things, including the clothes she wore. Payi clothing material that absorbs sweat would be better for the baby sweat can be absorbed so there is no irritation to the skin. (Also Read:  Causes Itching Stomach While Pregnant  ,  Danger Lotion for Pregnant Women )


3. The model is simple and simple

In buying clothes for baby clothes should also pay attention to the model. Not choosing a good model but hard if applied but choose a model that is simple and easily applied to the infant. Select who do not have a collar for clothes with collar model can interfere with infant movement that is less comfortable. For color problems then you can choose according to your taste. If you already know the sex of your baby through an ultrasound, then you can adjust the color of your baby’s gender.



Benefits and Dangers of Meat Goats For Health

Hallo loyal viewers, On occasion update this post with the title, namely, Benefits and Dangers of Meat Goats For Health, the admin has to provide specific information to you as a matter of knowledge and reference for all of you who perhaps was looking for such information. Hopefully this article on the post is something you are looking for right now. If this article useful please SHARE or SHARE it via facebook, twitter or other social media. Share Your will certainly help the more friends who are in need of this information.

Benefits and Dangers of Meat Goats For Health

Benefits and Dangers of Meat Goats For Health – Goat meat is the one food intake already so familiar to all people in Indonesia. Goat curry, satay and also tongseng goats are the kinds of food that made from processed meat goats . Around the world also already know that goat meat is one flesh with its distinctive red color types and most widely consumed by humans throughout the world. Previously also updates on Diet Tomato Juice Able to Create a Lean Stomach

Goat meat is sometimes also has a bad reputation because can raise cholesterol and high blood pressure. But behind all that, mutton has several health benefits for tablets. And here are the benefits of mutton for health. Usually during Idul Adha Few people eat mutton, because many who practice their religion Sacrifice, and of which most are slaughtered goat. When the eve of Eid al-Adha, Beware of Hypertension and Cholesterol Disease Will Increase .

Benefits of Eating Meat Goats

Goat meat has been claimed to be to lower the risk of coronary heart disease. Although saturated fat, but it could have been goat meat can reduce the risk of inflammation attacks and also can make a person’s heart rate more stable.

Goat meat is a good source of dietary intake for getting CLA, the fatty acids that can prevent cancer and also other inflammatory conditions. In the goat meat that contained the vitamin B that is able to burn fat. When compared to each other meat, goat meat contains a lot of protein and also have fairly low levels of saturated fat. Therefore, the actual goat meat is very good for weight control and can lower the risk of obesity.

Goat meat does contain selenium and choline also very good for preventing cancer. In addition, for women who are pregnant will be very good he consumes food goat meat to prevent anemia. Mutton would have provided an intake of hemoglobin to the mother and can also increase the blood supply to the fetus.

The content of Cholesterol, Fat, Protein Goat Meat

Goat Meat Benefits For Pregnant Women Young

Put mutton food to pregnant women who are on a diet, because it would be able to prevent the occurrence of defects in the fetus. Meat goats could give an intake of iron for women who are menstruating. Not only that, mutton can also be used for relieving pain in women during menstruation.

Goat meat is rich in vitamin B12, the meat would be a good food for skin health. Not only that, vitamin B12 is also able to help relieve stress and depression. Goat meat has to contain omega-3 fatty acids are a lot, which is where the compound can care for autism.

Well, there are many benefits of goat meat it. So for those of you do not hesitate if eating goat meat such as mutton there are many benefits tablets. Thank you for reading the article Benefits and Dangers of Meat Goats for Health , hopefully the information is of great benefit for you.


how to save the Internet data packets in HP android [100% effective] 3

How to save with internet quota usage activity

1. Reduce the habit of watching video online

It turns out the data to watch the video that much sucked, so do not often to watch video online, especially by downloading, waaah will run out tuh quotas.

2. Use Wifi Facilities

To help save data quota can take pulsa elektrik murah advantage of WiFi internet in the environment around you. Enable WiFi and find which one could connect.

3. Check Quota Data Internet every week

As the material to calculate the amount of your data quota, sring often to check the use of the internet data through the mobile data limits could be once a week or once every two weeks in order to determine the use of more efficient again.

4. Take advantage of HP Android Got 2

It actually has two android might be a lot more data quota is required, but it can also be used as a tool to be able to save data quota by simply filling Internet data packets in the HP Android only, when they want berinternetan hp others, stayed enable thetering her and enable WiFi her.

5. Update the application just by using WiFi

Updating the version of the application or your phone android wear WiFi networks because obviously if you want to update the application need internet quota data is very large. Kept up-check applications that perform updates, the settings that can be updated via WiFi menual.

If you all want to read many articles pulses

how to get free credit without android
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3. Check Quota Data Internet every week

As the material to calculate the amount of your data quota, sring often to check the use of the internet data through the mobile data limits could be once a week or once every two weeks in order to determine the use of more efficient again.

4. Take advantage of HP Android Got 2

It actually has two android might be a lot more data quota is required, but it can also be used as a tool to be able to save data quota by simply filling Internet data packets in the HP Android only, when they want berinternetan hp others, stayed enable thetering her and enable WiFi her.

5. Update the application just by using WiFi

Updating the version of the application or your phone android wear WiFi networks because obviously if you want to update the application need internet quota data is very large. Kept up-check applications that perform updates, the settings that can be updated via WiFi menual.

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That suggestion for you how how to save internet packages in HP android all providers all toll operators in the country.

Keeping Healthy female organs 2

How to Maintain Health Excretion

Tips on maintaining the health of femininity facebook. Tips on maintaining the health of femininity. 173 likes · 3 talking about this. If the sensitive female organs can cause ulcers.


How To Maintain Good Health And True

Recommendations to maintain the crystal x asli cleanliness of your female sex organs. Incoming search phrases ridding sex organs and play; maintaining the health of the woman / wife; masturbation to clean the vagina; why the female organs. Shop on line feminine hygiene products cottage mother. Mother is a traditional herbal body scrub made from grains and is a hundred% natural. 7 easy guidelines maintain the health of female sex organs. Vemale important for every woman to always maintain the cleanliness and health of female sex organs. Sex organ is the most important part of the body. Factors cause of vaginal discharge. Factors that cause vaginal discharge or vaginal discharge into one of the symptoms of abnormalities in the reproductive organs wania. These abnormalities can include infection, polyps. Maintaining the health of the female organs. Maintaining the health of the female organs dear father and mother, the doctor asked questions page is taken care by dr. Tanti Retnowati are currently active as general practitioners.

Maintaining Healthy Babies Nine Months

Maintain the cleanliness of the female organs with crystal x. Maintain the cleanliness of the female organs with crystal x natural, you ought to know! Published on three october, 2015. Health dull skin, be solved in this way. How to maintain the health and cleanliness of the female sex organs. Maintaining the health of the female organs are very important for every womankind, wanted to know how let’s look at hints how to keep the female sex organ that’s true. Recommendations easy to maintain the health of female sex organs. When you want the sex organs healthy, always make sure to protect clean by cleaning the sex organs. Clean the sex organs with water. Vaginal lubricant. Femizome dr.Boyke vaginal lubricants (female sex organs) # 1, helping women reach orgasm! The real story side effects of the use of crystal x distributor. Be some major benefits of a crystal x above already can be sure that the effect of the use of c rystal x is actually even cure many complaints organ problems. How to overcome white naturally in women. Tips on how to cope with excessive vaginal discharge naturally in women.

Maintaining the health of the female organs. Maintaining the health of the female organs expensive father and mother, the doctor asked questions page is taken care by dr. Tanti Retnowati are currently active as general practitioners. White turmeric. Efficacy of turmeric white and white turmeric benefits for the health and treatment of disease. Cervical cancer treatment, the characteristics, symptoms and causes. Articles related to the treatment of cervical cancer, the characteristics, symptoms and causes. Symptoms of ovarian cysts causes ovarian cysts. Symptoms of ovarian cysts, ovarian cysts, signs of ovarian cysts and ovarian cysts that cause disease. Plants for the health of the female organs. There for the health of the female organs that you can use. If the treatment is done regularly it will maintain the health of the female organs. Eleven benefits soybeans and nutritional content. Soybeans contain nutrients that very much and beneficial to health. Appendicitis. Appendicitis in the digestive tract there is an organ that resembles a tube and is known as appendicitis. The tube is only 10cm in size. Recommendations femininity postnatal care ala Dr. Boyke. Feminine care after delivery to maintain the health of sex organs. After a procession of birth, every new mother feels happy.

Benefits and Dangers of Meat Goat Powerful

 Here is a Goat Meat Benefits To Health
Before we listen to reviews its benefits better we know the different types, characteristics and benefits of the nutrients contained in kambing.Berikut are Types of Ram.

Types of Goat

1. Goat Beans
2. Etawa (Jamnapari)
3. Boer Goat
4. Goat Jawarandu (Bligon, Gumbolo, Hybrids, Koplo)
5. Goats Peranakan Etawa
6. Kambing Saanen
7. Goat Gembrong
8. Ram Naidoo (White Goat, Goat Batak)
9. Goat Costa

Features goats:

  • Have feathers like hair
  • Has a long and short ears are usually short to be classified upright
  • Advances have a triangular nose straight.
  • The tail has a short.
  • Horned males and females.
  • has a height of approximately less than 80 cm to 1 meter tergatung kind stengah

the nutritional content of 100 grams of mutton

  • Based per 100 grams of mutton has some nutrition is quite high:
  • Calories: 233, Calories from Fat 100
  • 12g fat (18% of daily needs)
  • Lemak Jenuh 6g (25%)
  • Cholesterol 107 mg (35% of daily needs)
  • Sodium 134 mg 6%
After seeing the nutrients contained in mutton above, the following is a benefit of mutton for health .

1. Big Enough Energy Sources

The first benefits contained in goat meat is a great source of energy that is classified as fat, calories and protein in the trust can add setamina we are lackluster.

2. Formation of Muscles

on the protein content of goat meat protein content is similar to that found in beef, egg whites and chicken breast, protein is known as a very good substance for muscle formation and growth process .if you often exercise or fitness advice I will consume makn-food containing protein, such as the example above to get the maximum results.

3. Prevent Anemia

Mutton believe it can eliminate the symptoms of anemia karean goat meat has a lot of good nutrients for the body’s metabolism.

4. Boost Immune System

Goat meat has a very high content such as iron, iron itself sat very needed by the body to increase immunity or immune from diseases.

5. Source of Antioxidants

Source of antioxidants found in goat meat was large enough and can protect our cells from damage.

6. Maintaining the Nervous System

Humans have a lot of nervous system and will issue .nah mutton in trust contains many substances that are good for the nerves as vitamin B12 vitamin B12.
contained in mutton able to give a good effect for us nervous if we do not consume in excess.
7. Mental Health
Mental disorders usually occur akibata upheavals are not achieved even excessive stress, nah goat meat contains a lot of vitamins such as
Vitamin B12 is beneficial to maintain our mental health.

Table Tennis For Beginners 2

Wood table tennis is very diverse, but overall is divided into two functions, namely to defender and attacking player. Wood for the defender usually does not give effect to the rubber tight, but provides maximum control, so the ball will be easier to control and restored properly. Jual meja tenis meja butterfly while wood for attacking players will give effect to the maximum rotation speed and the rubber, but are usually given comparatively less control.

Each manufacturer or manufacturers of table tennis equipment has its own character in making wood, ranging from materials, handle, shape up to size and rotational speed. Eg for Butterfly, they have the additional ingredients in making a timber for maximum results, for example by adding carbon fiber or arylate.

Hasil gambar untuk manfaat bermain tenis meja

For novice players, choose a timber that fits the character of the game, for example if the player had a game-type attack or want to develop the type of game to attack, then selected timber types. One way to simplify choosing the right wood is to look at the size of the timber, eg hardness how,

controls how much, because each manufacturer to provide information to the timber made, besides even then we can compare with other wood for easy pick. Due to the size of a timber can be compared with other wood, of course with a view of the catalog made by the manufacturer.

After selecting lumber table tennis is important to choose the right rubber. In a previous article (separately) we are already discussing how to choose the right rubber, so that we do not need more in discussing about this, the most important thing is to choose a rubber suit our game or the game will be developed by us. For much better, ask a coach or a player who is experienced, making it easier for us in choosing the right rubber.

May also if curious to try rubber right, but certainly it is advisable not to alter the type of rubber too often, because the game that will be developed will be choppy, depending on the type of rubber, so we find it difficult to focus on developing the game.
In general it is a lot of table tennis players who excel using one type or brand of rubber in the long term, so they will be easier to focus deepen skilnya in playing table tennis. But there are also players who excel using multiple brands interchangeably within a relatively short time, but rarely this kind of player.

Do not get stuck with the price of rubber, rubber adjust to the type of games owned. Make sure the rubber that will be used by us should have been approved by the ITTF and in accordance with the rules issued by the ITTF. Once we choose fixtures that match the characteristics of our puz or game that we want to develop, next is find a table tennis community.

Table tennis community in question is the association / table tennis club in your area, be it a bevy of ordinary until the table tennis association that has professional level. By searching later joined the association / club table tennis more easily we gain knowledge and ordinances play table tennis well and correctly.

See it this time, a table tennis player who either originally mostly from club rather good in the region, examples of the easiest is the club Surya Kediri, because the club is scoring player of achievement, in addition to adequate facilities as well because there are a good coach with sparing partner that in fact a lot of outstanding players, making solar a good table tennis community.

3 Prohibition In Exercising

You like sports? With exercise, it will make our body healthy. Especially if done within a certain time. In addition to getting the body healthy and fit, you too can achieve ideal body shape.


Read more article: harga meja tenis pingpong murah

But, that does not mean you can sport casually, There are things that should not be done during exercise. Here are a few restrictions on the exercise:

 1. Do not use too long to use clothes to sweat

If you let too long sweaty clothing attached to the skin of the body, most likely you’ll catch cold and sick. In addition, the skin pores become clogged, and bacteria that cause acne will be more rampant. So, do not forget to bring a change of clothes while exercising.

2. Must not eat much after exercising

Eating a lot after exercise will only further deplete the energy in the body, due to the process, the body also needs energy. We recommend that you wait one hour after exercising first. Recommended food is food that is not hard or liquid, such as green bean porridge.

3. Not to be immediately shower after exercising

The reason you can catch a cold, flu, and even get arthritis in the joints. Why? Because when you exercise, occurs secretion with perspiration. At that time, the temperature inside the body so much heat. When directly sprayed with water, then the temperature changes in the body will not be stable.

Those are some restrictions on the exercise that you should not do. If you’re still doing it, still you’re not healthy body.

Benefits of Salt for Face and Beauty

Useful addition to flavor food, salt also has many benefits for health and beauty of the face, hair, teeth, acne, is also beneficial for the health of the body.

The price is very affordable so it is easy to get them to be made as facials and other body health. As for some of the benefits of salt for the face, as I have outlined below as follows:

The benefits of salt for hair

Benefits of Salt for Beauty and Health Facial

Salt has a very rough texture, so it can quickly kill the dead skin cells on the skin. According to Michael Pierre you can use this salt as a natural scrub by mixing salt with crude oil. Then apply to the skin surface until smooth, then give a small massage in a circular motion. After that, clean the skin with cold water until clean.

Useful as Detox Skin
Salt is one of the basic ingredients to make facial skin in the beauty salon. Because the content contained in salt capable menbunuh bacteria that clog the pores of your skin. You can make yourself at home, that is by pouring 1 cup of salt in a large container for containing a bath of warm water. Afterwards, wash your face and your body with salt water by way of brushing by hand, rendamkan entire body for approximately 15 minutes. With these toxins in the body will decrease.

Useful as Natural Toner
Salts can also be made as a natural toner for skin care, in addition to making it as a facial. How to wear it very easily, ie with warm water menyemportkan made of salt on your skin, then pat dry. Toner natural that we make of this salt useful material to nourish your skin.

Helpful for Treating Infections Skin Effects of Pedicure
Nail treatments like pedicure or manicure often cause side effects in our faces become infected. Therefore, overcome by using salt water. How to make it extremely easy, by pouring 1 cup of salt into a container containing warm water. Afterwards, wash your face with a pat manner. And the remaining salt water we can take to care for your hands and feet in a way merendamkannya for 10 minutes.

Helpful to Overcome Acne
Acne is a skin problems are very annoying to the appearance of our face. According to experts, the salt can be made as an anti-bacterial drug one to treat acne and skin infections or allergies are caused due to side effects of the use of shampoo that does not fit. As for how you can do to make the drug from the salt material is.

First, prepare 1 tablespoon salt and mix with 1 cup of warm water. Then apply on the skin which are acne using cotton, leave for 1 minute until dry. Besides being able to cope with acne, it is also helpful to reduce the swelling and redness on the skin.

Beneficial for Smooth Skin
These salts can we make as a natural scrub to smooth the skin. As for how you can do to make that, mix 1 tablespoon of salt with 2 tablespoons of olive oil. After that, apply natural scrub it into the surface of your skin smapai average, and leave to dry. If there is the pain, it caused an effect in killing bacteria on the skin. With this natural treatment two times a week, your skin will feel more fresh and natural look smoother.

If you are having problems on the lips as cracked or dry, use salt as an alternative medicine to cope with chapped lips or dry. Mix 1 tablespoon salt 1 tablespoon of Vaseline. After that, rub on your lips evenly and let dry. Telakhir, wash with water until clean. This method is able to slough off dead skin cells, so that the lips dry quickly resolved. Do it this way every day until the lip completely normal again.

Helpful for Treating Eye Swelling
Manfaa salt for the next face that can cope with swelling of the eyelids like panda eyes. For its own way is very easy, mix the salt with water, then apply using a cotton continuously for 5 minutes.

Overcoming helpful for Blackheads
Skin problems like blackheads will effect dull and rough on our skin, and must be very annoying in our appearance. Blackheads are a form of bacteria that accumulate on the skin of the face such as the nose, lips and chin. In addition to effects on the skin dull, if on leave will be stubborn acne. Therefore, segerlah resolve to take care of him. You can use this salt as a drug to kill bacteria and dirt on the skin, so the face will be rid of blackheads and other skin problems.

Helpful to Whiten Teeth
Who is the person who does not menginkan white teeth and clean? Surely everyone menginkan white teeth and clean. Due to the clean and white, making the appearance of a person more confident because it looks clean. To get white teeth, of course, need special care to go to the dentist special. However, treatment to the dentist to get white teeth mengkilau this takes a considerable cost. Well, in order to alleviate this, you can use this as Obar gargle salt that serves to eradicate the bacteria and germs, it also makes teeth are clean and white. It’s easy, mix the salt taste with a glass of warm water, then rinse your mouth for 30 seconds and do 3 times.

If you want to naturally wavy hair, use it as a scrub salt to treat your hair to stay beautiful and healthy. How can you do to utilize salt as a natural scrum for hair. Mix sea salt with warm water with a measure of taste, then siramkanlah this salt water on your hair and give the skin a little massage, let stand for 15 minutes. Telakhir, rinse with wash using Sampao. With this, your hair will look more beautiful and texture exceed natural curls.

That’s an explanation of some of the benefits of salt for beauty and health of the face . Hopefully this information is helpful to make a reference and for you to be more pedulu with health using natural materials. Good luck…