Toilet hygiene is often overlooked, especially the toilet is a public toilet. Well, because the toilet is closely related to disposal sites ‘waste’, the sanitary toilet is often completely overlooked. Perhaps in our minds, to obtain good sanitation will require huge costs. This perception is wrong. Huge cost is going to make your toilet looks beautiful, but not necessarily sedot wc jakarta sanitation. Whether or sanitation in the toilet does not depend on how beautiful your toilet, but the following points:

1. Ventilation. It is the cornerstone of the toilet. Do not let your toilet without ventilation. If it was not ventilated, make sure you have an exhaust fan toilet.

2. The smell of dirt. The smell indicates the presence of bacteria. Escherichia coli is the bacteria that cause spoilage H2S gas.

3. The smell of urine. Our urine contains ammonia. It is toxic and is not very good if inhaled, not only because it smells pungent, but also ammonia is very toxic for breathing.

4. Water sanitation. In some of the water that I have ever met, turned out to have an iron content is high enough. Its characteristics are emerging as rust stains on the bathroom wall. Noda is very destructive wall of the bathroom, which is in turn the breeding of germs.

5. The use of cleaning bathrooms. Do not use cleaning bathrooms excessively. The workings of the cleaning fluid in addition to lifting stains, kills germs. When used in excess, then the bacteria in drains and septic tanks will die so that the process of decay dirt will be hampered. As a result, you will be obstructed drains, quickly filled, and so on. Use moderation.

6. Use caustic soda. The workings of caustic soda, is by stimulating the growth of spoilage bacteria in the drain so the water channel remains smooth. Use 1x 1x a week to a month.

7. Brush your bathroom regularly every day. We never know what germs are in the bathroom. In addition, brushing every day will make the job of cleaning the bathrooms to be mild. Take your time 3-5 minutes per day to do so. You can use soap, detergent, and anything other than a chemical cleaning fluid. If there is, look environmentally friendly, odorless, and does not spoil spoilage bacteria in the water channel.

8. Moss. Do not let your bathroom moss. Moss will elaborate on your walls to the ground bit by bit. In addition to the breeding of germs, mildew will make your bathroom look dirty once.

9. Blockages. Make sure your drains are not blocked by objects ‘weird’ like a toilet brush, toothbrush, soap, toothpaste, shampoo, bottles, stones, sandals, shoes, and so on. There is no way to know other than dismantle it. So before it happens, make sure that these objects do not stray into the hole WC.

10. The bathroom door. Use the bathroom door made of materials not wet and does not absorb water like fiber. Avoid using the bathroom door made of wood. Wood has the potential to become wet, mossy, the source of termites, cockroaches, centipedes, and so on.

11. Lighting. Do not let your bathroom in the dark, because it was so disliked by the bathroom. Certainly uncomfortable once were in the room narrow dark nan like it.

12. Use water instead of tissue, to clean yourself after using the toilet. Nothing can replace the function of irrigation water in cleaning. So it will not be sufficient to use tissue, soap or other cleaning fluid.

13. Avoid putting stuff in UP bathroom floor. Should be sure to allow a hanging on the bathroom wall. If using the carpet, do not let too valleys, wet, and smelled. Immediately overcome. The objects on the floor of the bathroom can be a source of odor.

14. Avoid the under-under in the bathroom. Source under a lot coming from the bathtub, dressing table, and so on.

15. Use mothballs or deodorant eco-friendly bathroom to eliminate unpleasant odors.You can also use aromatherapy oils are good for health. All these fragrances are not favored by bacteria and other decomposers creatures (cockroaches, centipedes, and so on). Use durable. Not effective to spray the bathroom with fragrances.

Why Hajar loss of efficacy

This question is often asked by prospective customers who consult us. they complain beat blasted purchased whether it is still raw (shape “stone”) or are already liquid lose efficacy

conjecture is often asked is they have bought counterfeit beat blasted from the online store online store that they find on the internet. when we ask the online store where, jual hajar jahanam it turns out they were referring to the seller that we think is a good seller-seller, selling beat blasted genuine, trustworthy, can be consulted and no deception alias run carried off the money of consumers

Hasil gambar untuk khasiat hajar jahanam mesir

Slate? then what’s the story execute blasted purchased from the seller, the seller loses his usefulness? we will try to explain it, consider the following explanation

Why Hajar loss of efficacy?
Efficacy Hajar lost – not many vendors execute their own hell knows if EXECUTE blasted in the form of derivatives (liquid) and the raw (still solid / “rock”) can lose their nutritional value! Therefore they can not explain to consumers regarding these

Hajar liquid blasted lose efficacy due to expire / expired
Hajar rock blasted never expired but could lose benefits if handled incorrectly
let’s discuss one by one yes Masbro:

which meant the loss of usefulness is: kick ass blasted just cause heartburn alone but not followed by a sense of “fool” or “numbness” which should occur after application of approximately 45 minutes to 1 hour

Hajar liquid blasted lose efficacy due to expire / expired
if there is a seller who said at Masbro if Hajar liquid blasted could not expired does not mean he’s lying, perhaps because they do not know. we found many sellers themselves are never knew if liquid could beat blasted expired.

maybe they think if a liquid blasted same beat as the stone is never expired. but that’s not true! for further explanations can be read here: expiration beat blasted liquid . if it has expired, nothing else could be done. better waste products. Do not force the use of products kick ass blasted expired.

Hajar rock blasted never expired but could lose benefits if handled incorrectly
if it is never expired blasted stone, why could lose his usefulness? it is because of the handling after misuse

Why Hajar loss of efficacy

after Masbro drops the stone blasted with water, do not directly save TSB stone inside the plastic! well here it ya culprit. rock blasted in wet conditions and dry-cleaning will become moldy. This makes why rock blasted loss of efficacy

and what to do if I lose the blasted rock properties?
easy. emery stone Masbro blasted then dry briefly in the blazing sun for about 1-2 hours. blasted rock will be free of fungus and is ready to use again! sip!

so remember always, do not let the stone blasted in wet conditions. stone dry after use (do not immediately put in a small plastic bag first). after the new dry stored back into the plastic

Lose Weight Quickly with Ginger Tea Turmeric

From day to day, people who are obese are growing in number. No need to survey all the way, you can see for yourself from the neighborhood where you are. Definitely not a few people who are fat-bodied or have no ideal weight. Lifestyle of most people today that have been changed or tended more toward unhealthy, has more or less affect the soundness of the average person now.
Tea ginger turmericObesity has now become a serious health problem that got special attention of many observers health. Obesity is often associated with a variety of health problems or illnesses, ranging from mild illness to belong to quite serious such as heart disease, high blood pressure, stroke, diabetes, and others. Obesity can be prevented or overcome by leading a healthy lifestyle such as exercising, eating only eating food healthy nutritious (healthy diet), no lack of sleep, or taking herbs that is devoted to helping you lose weight.

Talking about methods of dieting to lose weight, there are many options for how that can be done. Of course, each person has a fondness for selecting its separate way. This time we will share the recipe again, ie with a mixture of a mixture of turmeric and ginger tea made specifically to be consumed as a natural remedy to help you lose weight. Immediately, the following procedure for preparation:

2 cups water plus 6 cups anymore, so the total is 8 glasses of water. Each 2 cups of steeping (warm water) and other 6 cups cold water, to be added before the potion drunk;

Fresh turmeric along the 4-inch dirirs thin or chopped, including skin also cooked (not peeled) is even better;
Fresh ginger 4 inches long, thinly sliced and included skin is included or not


1 teaspoon black pepper;
¼ – ½ cup natural honey.
Processing Method:

Enter turmeric, ginger, and black pepper to the pan, then pour two cups of water that had been prepared earlier. After the boil;
Cover the pan and let it blend for one hour;
Once cool add honey mixture;

Stir briefly, then freshly filtered water for consumption;
Now you have a mixture that is concentrated (concentrate) that require additional water before drinking so that it’s not too strong;

Add 6 cups that had been prepared earlier before consumption. You may not have 6 cups, you can experiment by adding water to taste, which is important it’s not too bland for most of the water;

This herb should be taken in the morning before breakfast. Besides taking the herbs, must also be balanced with a healthy lifestyle such as eating nutritious eating-healthy foods and exercise regularly.

This is critical, because it moves the active and exercise can help burn or dispose of excess fat in the body. This herb can also be combined with other diets that you may currently live. Good luck and feel the benefits. May be useful…

Important Terms in Science Shorof

For those of you who have studied Arabic for beginners it is necessary to learn sciences Shorof. In the science shorof which is the Arabic grammar has important terms you should know. Here.

Image result for bahasa arab

a. What it Sharaf? the science bahasa arab online proposal (rules) to know the shapes of Arabic sentences (sighat, Bina, waqi ‘, etc.) regardless of the sentence or mu’rob mabni. Like shape Tatsniyah, Jama ‘, Tasghir, nasab and I’lal. Be included in the sentence and the sentence ficil Isim Mutamakkin not in the sentence letter. ([1])

b. What it Tashrif? namely the displacement of one form kebentuk another to produce the desired meaning. As the transfer forms to forms ficil Masdar Madhi, ficil Mudhori ‘, ficil Amr, Isim fa’il, Isim maf’ul, and others.

c. What is Wazan? that is something (lafadz) were made in comparison, the sukoon with letters sukoon, the breadfruit breadfruit and looked at the original point of fa ‘,’ ain and lam ficil. The side dish of shorof create a benchmark in ficil Tsulatsi with lafadz فعل and in ficil Ruba’i with lafadz فعلل. so that each lafadz place parallel to fa’disebut letter fa ‘ficil, a place in line with the letter’ ain called ‘ain and ficil parallel with the letters lam lam called ficil, Fi’ilruba’I letter and in parallel with the second-mentioned letter lam lam ficil second.

d. What it Muthobaqoh? namely lafadz mentioned in the book Amtsilah Tasrifiyah adapted to lafadz asked wazan, bina ‘, chapters and sighatnya.contoh like lafadz فعل name wazan, lafadz ضرب name mauzun (muthobaqoh) and lafadz جلس adapted to lafadz ضرب mentioned in the book Amtislah Tasrifiyah.

e. What’s Bina ‘? which form sentences in terms of letters, vowel and sukunnya. As for the parts referenced in the book please Qowa’idul I’lal.

f. What it sighat?. ie form a sentence in terms of its meaning, and the numbers there are ten kinds:

1. ficil Madhi: lafadz that shows the meaning of (the original print) the result (completion) of a job before proclaim, like the example sentence: قرأ زيد الكتاب means work reading the book had been completed before the sentence is pronounced. As is the origin of the print that is; make lafadz such as concrete from a meaning (abstract).

2. ficil Mudhori ‘: lafadz that shows the meaning of (the original print) the result (the completion of) a job when at proclaim or later, such as the example sentence: يتعلم زيد الآن study means work is being done, and the phrase: يعلم زيد غدا means work mengjar will be done tomorrow.


9 Tips for Finding Quality wholesale handbags Cheap Batam

koleksi1. Preferred Quality

If your business would like to last a long time and the visitors back on you, make sure that only sell a quality product. Cheap price if not qualified will make consumers disappointed. Not only in finding a distributor bag batam, in search of a distributor of branded bags in another city have preferred quality.

2. Competitive price

Because you seek information wholesale tas branded branded batam, almost certainly you are a person looking for a supplier of bags batam for resale. If you want a high profit, then look for supplier of branded handbags wholesale Centre that offer cheap prices.

Cheap price doesn’t always mean 1 bag Rp 50,000, this 2014 guys. The Term There Is A Price, There Is A Way“. The bottom line, find the supplier quality but batam bags at low prices.


3. Trusted


Though many Ol Shop trusted, we tetep should be wary. Moreover, business bag is not a cheap business. Price of 1 bag at least 200 thousand instead?


One way, you write your mobile number/PIN W him then search in the google search box. Logically, if the numbers are not problematic, then there will be no write a bad reputation.
4. There is a FUEL/Facebook Group

Generally, a person selling a bag if not through the website/blog, then through Facebook, BBM, or Twitter. Look for suppliers who have a BBM group. Why? As for the selling of FUEL, updatesvia the bags in Your group will make it easier to share pictures in your group.

5. Nice Product Image

You are selling online, the first thing shown on the customer is a picture. As good asany of the goods, if the image is not interesting, it would be difficult to interest the customer.

So, find a supplier who provides the product with good pictures. Points to this mandatory 5-hand in hand with the 6th point.

6. Same Stuff with your photos

If at previous points we emphasize finding suppliers and provides a picture of a good product, at this point we add “original product must be equal to the sale”.In addition to the fraud, that makes people get online shopping is not the same as the picture. When the customer was disappointed, they not only came back but alsosaid at his friends that Ol Shop You disappoint. His friend will talk with his friend, and so on. You don’t want your customer buys 1 times and then blur isn’t it? You want a loyal customer isn’t it? So, sell the same product with the picture.

7. Regular product updates

The bag is one of the major elements in this fashion. And fashion products must beup to date. So, find suppliers and do product updates at least 3 days so that we could offer a new “menufor the customer.

8. Accept Dropship (for a dropship)

If your consumers are scattered in various cities, more comfortable wear dropship system. Dipack vessels and sent directly by the supplier to the consumer of your address, but the name of the sender listed is your name.

In this way, customer you send him its products. This system is also simple in addition to more efficient because no postage need be sent back and forth to the place you are new to consumers.


9. Receive different Payments

If the supplier is a right provided only one payment account. They may have their own reasons, no hassle for example. It’s just that, because your intent to do business, if possible, find a supplier that provides payments to different account numbers. The goal for cost-effective cash transfers between banks.

How To Care For A Leather Branded Bags:

How To Care For A Leather Branded Bags:

Make sure your branded bags are not used entered into the dust bag that came at the time of purchase of the bag.

If your branded bags are not used in a long time, we recommend that you occasionally underwind.
If your branded bags stored in the closet, use products such as moist camphor or silica gel can be purchased at pharmacies. and put in your branded bags in order notmoldy.
Please separate the branded bags made of leather and plastics/synthetics. the plastic material can absorb the dye on the skin, which causes skin stained bag like mushrooms.

5 Bag brandedskin need special care because it is prone to tear and friction. Avoid exposure to sunlight for a long time because it can damage the surface of the skin such as broken or cracked.

If the surface of your skin wet branded bags, immediately dry with a soft dry cloth textured.

If your skin is moldy branded bags, soft textured fabric with a brush. If there is a white spot in your bag, wipe with a soft brush. Then wipe with a dry cloth. Use the special SOAP leather (saddle SOAP) or special cleanser cream for the skin.
If your branded bag made of synthetic leather, wipe clean with a cloth rubber. Dip itin a solution of vinegar and rub gently.
In addition to taking care of the surface of the bag, also note the zippers on the bag. Dirt stuck in the zipper must be cleaned so that the zipper can move smoothly when opening or closing the bag. Use the wax along the zipper so that the zipper is not jammed.

If still not able to stain or dirt from the missing bag branded it, then it can be brought to a special place of the washing bag is indeed a special for wash dry bags branded with special techniques and with chemical drugs is indeed in use for the skin and clean the bags.


Many of our tips, may be useful, trima love and see you in the next article.

Differences Worship Umrah with Hajj

Differences pilgrimage with the Hajj is the time and place of worship. Umrah can be performed at any time, every day, every month, every year, except for the times that are prohibited, starting with Umroh Murah berihrom and intentions of a miqot set and perform tawaf, sa’i and tahalul in the Haram.

Tawaf of Umrah in running pillar

While pilgrimage can only be implemented at some time between 1st of Shawwal to 13 Dhu al-Hijjah.While the implementation of the pilgrimage itself was started Hijjah 8 to 12 Dhu al-Hijjah. Berihrom and implementation started with the intention of a miqot set, before staying in Padang Arofah, mabit or stay at Muzdalifah, melepar jumrah and mabit in Mina, and closed with thawaf ifadhoh in the Haram. Implementation of the pilgrimage can stand alone, but must be accompanied by Hajj pilgrimage. Good with Ifrad Haji, Haji Qiran, and Haji Tamattu.

So the place to perform Hajj and Umrah is different. Indeed, there are both similarities, for example in the case of miqat (first place utter faith Hajj / Umrah). As well as performing the same rite that tawaf and sa’i then the place is the same, namely in Mecca. But for Umrah no law wukuf and mabit so it is not necessary to go to Arafat, Mina and Muzdalifah. In the pilgrimage these three places must be visited because it includes pillars and the obligatory pilgrimage.

In terms of form or type of worship are also differences. Pilgrimage only perform ihram and intention, tawaf, sa’i and tahallul. That is when you have completed sa’i then do tahallul with hair cut or shaved. While the Hajj is the pilgrimage (ihram and intention, tawaf, sa’i and tahallul) coupled to the standing at Arafat, mabit (live / lived) in Muzdalifah and throwing jumroh and mabit in Mina.

It is thus clear difference between Hajj and Umrah. So key pilgrimage procession was standing at Arafah on the 9th field Hijjah after the sun slips until evening. If this is not done then one can not be said to have the pilgrimage. While pilgrimage essentially just doing tawaf and sa’i. Both were preceded by wearing ihram in miqat (a) which have been determined and ends with tahallul (shave).

So for an umra and hajj pilgrims, it is important to know what the pilgrimage, what the pilgrimage. Umra and hajj pilgrims candidate must be able to distinguish acts of worship which includes Hajj and Umrah are included.


Worship law Umroh

In determining this issue there is  a mistake (disagreement) amongst the scholars. Malikiyah scholar and most scholars Hanafiyah found it sunnah muakkad Umrah, Umrah is a lifetime.

While some scholars hold that Hanafiyah Umrah is obligatory once in a lifetime because, according to their terms muakkad Sunnah is obligatory.

The most powerful argument of Imam Shafi’i, Hanbali scholars also become the opinion that the law Umrah is obligatory once in a lifetime.

Imam Ahmad himself found Umrah is not obligatory for residents of Makkah for Umrah pillars of the main thing is Thowaf around the Kaaba. They, the people of Makkah, have often done this, then that is sufficient them.

Hanafiyah and Malikiyah scholar argues that it is Sunnah pilgrimage to the argument as follows:

Narrated Jabir bin ‘Abdillah  radi’ anhuma , he said that the Prophet s hallallahu ‘alaihi wa sallam was asked about’ Umrah, obligatory or sunnah. The Prophet  sallallaahu ‘alaihi wa sallam  replied, ” No. If you berumroh afdhol it . “(HR. Tirmidhi no. 931, the chain it is considered  dho’if  as said Shaikh Al Albanian)

Narrated Talha bin ‘Ubaidullah radi’ anhu, ” Hajj is jihad and ‘umra it tathowwu’ (recommended) .” (HR. Ibn Majah no. 2989, it has been assessed  dho’if  as said Shaikh Al Albanian)

While scholars hab and Hambali found Umrah is obligatory once in a lifetime by reason of the word of God Almighty,

And complete the Hajj and ‘Umrah for Allah .” (QS. Al-Baqarah: 196).

The purpose of this paragraph is both worship is complete. This argument uses the word command, it shows the necessity of Hajj and Umrah.

Also another argument is,
the hadith Aisha  radi ‘anha , she said, “O Messenger of Allah, whether the women must also strive?” He sallallaahu’ alaihi wa sallam  replied, ” Yes. He must strive without any war in it, namely the Hajj and ‘Umrah . “(HR. Ibn Majah no. 2901, this hadith  is authentic  , as said Shaikh Al Albanian).

If women only required pilgrimage because it is jihad for Muslim women, then what about the men?

            Opinion of the strongest in this case , Umrah is obligatory for those who were able to once in a lifetime.While it has been argued is Sunnah (mu’akkad) postulated the proposition weak ( dho’if ) so it can not be used as evidence. So for those who are able, try to exert lifetime pilgrimage. But keep in mind that this pilgrimage can be directly accomplished by the pilgrimage that is by doing  Hajj is Tamattu ‘or Qiran . Because in Mut’ah of Hajj and Umrah Hajj Qiran existing in it. As for Umrah pilgrimage is the next-Sunnah.

Not chargeable to the pilgrimage all Muslims. Only capable of course, that in terms of religion called istitha’ah. Understanding is able to physically capable, they are healthy and strong. As we know most of the pilgrimage is a pilgrimage up to the required physical physical strength for the will to implement them. In addition to the physical, spiritual should also be prepared. A prospective Umrah pilgrims must know and understand the rituals of Umrah according to the guidance of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings  ‘ alaihi wasallam , and his mind was not disturbed because the journey was long and hard enough, and with many other pilgrims.

In addition to physical and spiritual, a candidate must be able to Umrah pilgrims economically, that is able to pay the travel costs pilgrimage offered by the bureaus Hajj and Umrah travel. In our opinion, for the time being the cheapest Umrah Packages safe is in the price range of US $ 1,500. So if there are offers from the travel Umrah pilgrimage that dare to sell the package at a cost of under $ 1,500 have to be careful. Umrah pilgrims should not be tempted by the offer price is unrealistic. To be behind the day was not disappointed and loss.

In the jurisprudence also mentioned that a person can not be said to be capable if used the travel costs pilgrimage is the main capital everyday when administered feared to get kemudharatan for themselves and their families. For example berumroh or Hajj by selling a residential house only so that when the home he and his family had no place to stay. Or berumroh or Hajj by selling his farm that has been home to support his family so that when he does not have a job anymore. In addition, for a head of the family, is able to include the cost of living for those left at home during berumroh and pilgrimage. Do not let his wife and departed Umrah, but his children in the country is not neglected because they do not live in the cost of living.

More important thing is the security issue. If all the capabilities already owned, but security is not guaranteed to the Holy Land there is no obligation for him to perform the pilgrimage. It is also safe for families left behind in the homeland which they are responsible. Thus, a required berumroh are a capable person physically, spiritually, economically and security.



Understanding Diabetes Mellitus

One diseases in society today is the disease of diabetes mellitus. There are many causes that can be the cause of Obat Diabetes this disease. For this post will give you information on the understanding of diabetes mellitus.

Definition of diabetes is important to remember this, judging from patients with diabetes is a mixture of age before and after the age of 30 years. This happens because diabetes mellitus is divided into two types, namely diabetes mellitus type 1 sufferers aged less than 30 years. Type 2 diabetes mellitus are people over the age of 30 years. In type 1 patients require even be said to depend on the delivery of insulin from other people, but if people with type 2 diabetes no longer need insulin or insulin dependence from outside the body. However, if in certain circumstances can sometimes also require insulin intake from outside the body.
Understanding diabetes mellitus . Diabetes mellitus is a disease that occurs because of damage to the body’s metabolism. One thing that is characteristic of this diabetes disease is by increasing blood sugar levels are increasing and, coupled with decreasing insulin system. Insulin is a hormone produced by the pancreas. Insulin is what gives the order to take up glucose in the blood that will function for energy sources that will be used by the body for everyday activities. If glucose is expressed in an excessive number of the glucose is stored in the cell into glycogen. A time when the body is declared the lack of glucose-glycogen glycogen stored in the cells would be instructed to be solved, and used for energy production.
That is the understanding of diabetes mellitus. Once we know the definition of diabetes is also important we know the causes and symptoms of diabetes . The symptoms seen in patients with diabetes mellitus is that, frequently urinating, decreased weight drastically, feel fatigue, decreased immunity, headache, rapid feeling of thirst and hunger.
Some of the causes that can lead to diabetes mellitus have among others are, often consume beverages containing alcohol, smoking, excess weight, as well as their descendants are less healthy lifestyles.

The understanding of the notion of diabetes mellitus is identified by the community so that people can be more concerned and alert to the diabetes mellitus. For patients with diabetes mellitus is recommended for regular exercise, eating vegetables and natural vitamins and avoid foods and drinks that contain a lot of artificial sweeteners. It also can be done by implementing a healthy lifestyle in every way. Understanding Diabetes Mellitus

Cycling and Male Fertility

When people think of cardiovascular exercise, some activities come to mind. Running, swimming and cycling tends to be the most prevalent advice. However, like walking, cycling can have the risk of long term damage associated with it, and not at all in the way most expected. For men in particular, cycling can be very damaging their fertility if not done carefully.

Cycling and Male Fertility

Problems with Cycling

Riding a bike makes the rider centered on three points to carry most of the weight. The two locations are the pedals, and the third is the seat. While helping to address, most of the weight of the body was taken to the other three. And, when driving a long distance, the drivers most likely to sit. Unfortunately, because of the design to reduce the weight of the bike, especially for competition purposes, bicycle seats are becoming smaller and smaller.

It makes the room very little contact for a significant amount of weight to be seated. Thus, under the crotch area of male riders taking burden especially of weight, shocks on the road, and repeated damage.

Scientific Studies

According to an International Clinic – a journal on the study of urology – a bike ride redundant generate a significant risk to male fertility. Damage caused by cycling, especially on a small chair for long periods of time, creating a risk of infertility due to damaged groin area. The problem there is the pressure to the groin area sitting in the seat of a bicycle. In short, the pressure is cut off or restrict the flow of blood for long periods of time. It also raises the body temperature in the area is higher than the temperature at which the sperm cells to survive. The result of nerve damage, tissue compaction, and lower the number of sperm cells.

Concerns on Hardware

For mountain bike riders in particular, the damage caused by excessive cycling with the wrong equipment can be significant. First, the seat is generally realize all the effects of mountain bike riders to the groin area. After cycling extensively, very common for riders to feel numbness in the affected areas. This is an early sign of nerve damage. Additionally, friction and sweat can cause blisters and infections after the skin is damaged. The result can be more painful until the infection is gone and the wound healed.Padded bike pants can help alleviate this problem and somewhat reduce the impact of the seat.

In addition, having a bicycle with the right size to help the driver avoid excessive reliance on the seat of a bicycle. Riding a bike is too big to force the body to sit in a chair far more than necessary. It also contributes to damaging contact.

No Direct Contact

Although science and research shows cycling as the likely cause of damage to the groin area after prolonged exposure, there is no automatic infertility condition caused by riding a bicycle. There is no direct link in the research. So to say, other activities may cause loss of sperm count, including horse riding, poisoning from smoke, swimming in hot water for a long time, and carry a cell phone in the front pocket of pants on a regular basis.

How to Avoid Damage

It is clear that one of the most obvious approach to cycling safer is to replace the small seat with larger seating space surface, thus taking pressure off the groin area and distribute it to the gluteus maximus areas instead.

Alternative options include reducing the driving time. The use of shorter breaks between driving time, and adjusting the bicycle is an idea that is intended to reduce the amount of time the emphasis groin area on a small chair.

Here’s Tips On Choosing Women’s Duffel Bag

Select women’s duffel bag is one of the accessories are important to some women, but now this gear duffel bag has a variety of functions that are great for everyday life sangt today. Well, because of the large number of brands and model selection ofduffel bag is difficult when we have to choose the latest women’s duffel bag 2016, of course.
Choose a backpack the newest woman 2016 is not merely acts as an accessory thatcan make your display looks more attractive but also serves well as a place to put a variety of items of interest to you. Also as one of the most popular bag type this now, it is very likely Your duffel bag to carry a variety of items such as a laptop, Office supplies, or even clothes. Nowadays, there are various options of duffel bag that you can use for either the situation or situations of semi official enjoy. Duffel bag is one of the Fashion trend at the time at the moment.
In essence, the bag is one aksesori fashion  can be worn by both men and women. Although not just for that alone, design tas ransel wanita branded or Backpack for women oftenreferred to are generally a bit does not equate to design bags for men. Bags for women generally wear design that is more feminine and beautiful. In addition, bags for men are generally more inclined to wear masculine design style and sportsmanship.The materials used in the duffel bag can vary from synthetic leather to cotton and canvas. The color of the bag can also be varied from a few neutral colors like black, Brown, or white hingga some of the bright colors such as yellow, blue, or red.

Okey for your convenience in choosing the newest women’s duffel bag 2016, here there are few tips you need to consider:
1. Select the appropriate Sized Backpack
For those of you ladies who have a flurry of someone outside the Office, the woman with the have a duffel bag large size it is extremely fitting for you. When you need aduffel bag with additional pockets. So when you every day brings a pretty heavy load such as a laptop or books you can easily carry it. Goods items such as agendas,wallets, mobile phones and cosmetics you carry supplies also designate more neator organized. Thus, you don’t need some elaborate unload all the contents of the bag for small items fumbled. But, if you just want to make the backpack as well as accessories of the good select backpacks with small size. Due to the small size duffel bag would make you look more cute and stylish. For a more fashionable appearance can be taken duffel bag with leather material. You can also follow Japan or Korea women style by giving small dolls accessories in their backpacks.
2. Choose Your Activities Suit Bag
If you are going to see a concert or traveling, duffel bag can make a practical choiceto wear. If you are getting a lot of outdoor indoor on the flurry of specify a duffel bag is made from damaged would not reply if stricken with excessive sunlight or when it is stricken to rain. So instead, when just walking around in the Mall, make sure backpacks worn with matching shirt worn.
3. Choose the appropriate Handbag Motif with your personality
With more and more demand for the production of women’s duffel bag, bag manufacturers are also vying with diverse motives backpack produces an amusing and interesting. If you have a lively, cheerful personality and love with some eye catching colors, backpacks, with bright and lively pas once for you. The styling you also woulddraw attention to some people if it is usually with clothes that are also brightly colored. However, continue to have to note do not had colors that used excess causing an impression too tacky.
4. Choose age-appropriate duffel bag You
So as not to effect the kids determine the duffel bag with a long strap and can substantiate one shoulder only. Specify the width of the bag with rope, because the ropeis not outrageously bold would make your shoulder is not comfortable and it wouldsurely hinder your busy life. If you select a duffel bag with a strap uncomfortable ygused will be the issue for you, the waist or your back will be sore.
Okay hopefully this article is helpful for those who want to choose the latest women’s duffel bag 2016, we will always give you the latest tips about the latest handbagand updates about the latest bag of nails ESP. in 2016.


his is some kind of women’s duffel bag

1. Backpack for College

Types of special women’s duffel bag to go to the campus or different Lecture once with men who have great size, but in this, ladies duffel bag shape is quite minimalist and not too heavy to carry incarry, this duffel bag type a bit by bitthe rarely used it, most of the women who are currently in College often use this type of bag in the handle. Whereas this type of duffel bag lightly for bringcarry, for the selection of the colour is quite diverse, you can customize it with the kind of clothes that you would wear to go to College. In addition to the type of backpack made of skin you have to take care of him properly, because the wrong type of bags to take care of the skin can also smell or damaged.

2. the duffel bag For Work

Same is the case with the duffel bag to go to the campus, the type of bag to work specifically for women has a small size, this type of bag is very in for those of you who don’t work in an Office or your job does not demand for formal dress, the most important clean and polite. But for those of you who are working in an Office can use this type of tas ransel wanita, the most important match with blazer or your shirt with motif and colour, but most types of backpacks are often brought into Office have a dark color, such as black and Brown.

3. Backpacks for laptops

For this type of bag is usually often used by the HIGH SCHOOL or JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL children to go to school, in this modern age there are some schools that require student bringing a laptop or netbook for media education, well like the other ways to bring laptops to school or craftsmen who designed the bag had already been issued a type of bag in peruntunkan to bring laptops and other books. For the colorand type of motive ever varied you could select them sesuia to the tastes of your child, to a child‘s good HIGH SCHOOL give type of duffel bag with simple motifs and colors that aren’t too bright.

4. Korea duffel bag

Type of backpack is actually at peruntunkan for those of you who are going to the streets to the mall or just the streets with your friends, to the outside of the House. Any type of Korean duffel bag is suitable by you to go to College, because of the diverse and warnya is also a very cute model. In addition the materials from any Koreanduffel bag types varied from ordinary fabric ingredients there is also a type of bag of skin. The colour is bright enough yany make this very type of backpack hunted by women who like this type of backpack.

5. Leather duffel bag

This type of bag is usually seamless and also often bought by women who like materials leather, leather duffel bag type there are usually several different cleaning stages the type of duffel bag made of fabric. For the wet leather when it’s good you don’t dry it straight too long let this type of bag in case of wet, because it can cause an odor pungent enough. In addition to this type of skin if he would mengkerut or harden the part edges, you can buy special remedies for restoring the texture of her skin back gently in the store seller leather jacket or leather clothes.

6. Ginging duffel bag

Maybe some models above includes duffel bag into the bag model ginging however for special bag ginging maybe you will like it, as the name suggests there are two versions as to how to bring a model of the bag on this one, the first could be in use on the backs of the alias can be used as a backpack and bag one more pretty in ginging. And should you polih this kind of bags that have a drawstring backpacks can be dislodged because sometimes some models do not provide a bag strap that can be dislodged as a result the user will elaborate this bag when bringing in ginging. Ginging bag model also has a style and diverse material from the skin or cloth, until the fabric is basically for pants and shirts can be applied on a bag of this type of fabric like ginging jeans.

7. Feminine women’s duffel bag

Basically the same feminine women’s duffel bag with Backpack models for women in General, but the thing that distinguishes or characteristic that models the ladies duffel bag is the bag rensel femenim i.e. usually on the pattern or color that is also owned by the duffel bag. Feminine color might have been a lot of people know that is pink, white, orange and a few other colors. In addition the pattern from the bag, usually the pattern on a duffel bag lady has a feminine florals or anything that smells of a woman. In addition it is also feminine handbag is often added some typical accessories women like bross or Ribbon so that the look of the bag more beautiful, which is certainly very nice and feminine.

Well that last mode

Wolfmother – Victorious

Wolfmother – Victorious
There are days when, between the supermarket or on the way to work, I pose some rather urgent questions. Such as someone will have told Andrew Stockdale that the 60 are beautiful that passed Fortunately, the answers do not have to give them to me alone as the unlucky guests to Marzullo. Just run on the plate of the new Victorious Wolfmother to understand that no, it turns out to be certain neither alive nor dead.

Because if the formula works, and works well, then it’s best not to change it. It is no coincidence that, despite the lineup changes and label, from 256 minutes of Woman (which for many was synonymous with Italian Guitar Hero) today the Australian team just does not want to move away from Woodstock. Victorious, which is also the name of one of the most successful track on the disc, a disc out of time but also very contemporary his eyes to the past is inevitable, with some fleeting hint of Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath to make it a little ‘heavier than usual. But at the same time the voice of Stockdale can jump seamlessly from one decade to another, including some acoustic piece to there Lumineers  Fun (yes) that would have no difficulty in winning over more distracted listeners of these disastrous year two thousand and ten.

If you are a nostalgic (and no, not talking about trains that arrive on time and other amenities), Victorious will give you a pat on the back and traghettarvi towards better times. If you are the iconoclasts, Victorious will do its best to make you change your mind about the good-times-that-were. If just the rock does not interest you, talk to a psychiatrist of the good ones.

Sycamore Age – Perfect Laughter

An orchestra full of grace, while not that of the arches. A grace that even the six strings can offer when it comes to raise the bar. A grace that is not a pipe dream once that explores the universe of Sycamore Age Perfect Laughter, for the group of Francesco Chimenti, mnemonic is an experience that looks to the 60s and 70s pushing towards the present, suspended between Beatles and Canterbury school with a touch of psychedelia, as denoted in particular by Noise of Falls and Monkey Mountain.Ma is just part of a sphere that also includes tribalism fuzz and pressing for Dalia and futuristic for instrumental Diorama

Between White And Modernity A Fabulous Apartment

Between White And Modernity A Fabulous Apartment
That our house is large and spacious or small and contained, you can see that some circles are now dark and suffocating. Most often this is due to poor allocation of space, sometimes with the improper use of colors, still others to the wrong use of the furniture. What to do then Before thinking about the move, try to pinpoint the cause of the problem so as to intervene in the most correct way.

Today we present a project born from these requirements. We are in Rome, and the intervention by the architects of the EF Archidesign study, it cost € 70,000.00 well.

A welcoming entrance

Here we are at the entrance of the apartment. Before the arrival of our experts, despite the available space, the environment was rather closed and oppressive, a real shame. The intervention was aimed at giving the environment air and light, and this has been possible thanks to the opening of windows at specific points, the inclusion of bright spots in the darkest corners of the house, and the expansion of the green view surrounding.

the lounge

The living area now shows open and airy. The white walls expands the space and makes it light and airy. I love the contrast of white with the warm color of parquet. In this way, the house buys immediately character and hospitality! The decor then, is reduced to a minimum, so as to leave the passage space.

The rear facade

The first thing that stands out is the covered veranda, where garden furniture and a hammock hung, while upstairs, the professionals in charge have designed a large open terrace, covered with a wooden pergola.

A shelf with stone slabs

In this we see a shelf marked by stone slabs, with two high stools for sitting comfortably. There are a variety of materials in this composition the stone slabs, the wood in the structure and in the stools, steel, used for hanging lamps through a tube from a circular geometry. The floor is ceramic tile.

This is an ideal space to live and enjoy pleasant moments.

The kitchen

An opening of the door without, from the living room gives access to the kitchen. White also reigns in this space, as well as the organization. There are several pieces of furniture that make up the kitchen, both bases and columns, characterized by an elegant and refined style, sometimes semi-rustic, yet profoundly modern. White fact alternate steel elements, such as the hood, the para splashes, the backrest of the chair and the foot of the table.

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final-fantasy-brave-exviusFINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS tells the captivating and emotional story of two knights from the kingdom Grandshelt and her quest to find a significant crystal and save the world from the abyss and darkness, and a young girl during the Search suddenly appears. Embarking on a new journey, looking at the players make their way, through various dungeons and must find hidden paths to find unlimited Gil methods and treasures here

Turn Based RPG with a lot of detail to try to keep everyone away from the classic well. It will range from up to nine characters Jua stronger attack power or skill to unlock them. Wearing a semester system Create items Games can be viewed without anything much. But it is also our character walks on stage to accept quests that are invisible to the enemy, but I speculate it may have come across as well. The system is highly Another novelty is the system yet.

If you look at the graphics of the game FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS for new players it could be seen as a beautiful thing, and playing games is not fun like a tooth out. But if a person follows this game all the time. May be perceived as beautiful in the classic, never left at all. Anyone who is stuck in the memory itself. He used PixEl 2D graphics design has a very beautiful and perfect. This mobile graphics do not have to force it can play a different course slippery head.

FINAL FANTASY BRAVE EXVIUS impression little to play for us. This will open the Games of the author goes on to say that it was a shock. With a magnificent deal After that point, it captivated not stop playing. Play any content, because it’s really coming together well and very fresh. And blend seamlessly into play, then do not stress. I want everyone to play it a lot.